17 Again

Music from 17 Again the movie

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"Bust A Move" by Young MC
Cheerleaders perform before the basketball game. Mike (Zac Efron) joins in and dances with them. 0:02
"Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins
Ned (Thomas Lennon) playing video games in his house as Mike bursts in telling him that he knows what he's supposed to do - go back to high school. 0:24
"The Underdog" by Spoon
Mike/Mark arrives at school in his silver Audi R8 sports car sporting his new look. Cool hair, leather jacket, shades etc. He makes his way into school. 0:30
"On My Own" by Vincent Vincent and the Villiains
Montage as Mike/Mark helps Alex train for the basketball team. Ned continues to try and woo Jane the principle by buying her a school bus. 0:51
"This is Love" by Toby Lightman
Scarlet (Leslie Mann) dances in front of the mirror until she catches Mike/Mark watching her. 0:54
"Kid" by The Pretenders
Mike/Mark puts the CD on and Scarlet explains that it was the song she and her husband danced to at their wedding. She teaches Mike/Mark to dance. 0:55
"Nookie" by Fred Durst
Stan pulls up in his car to pick up Maggie for a party. 0:58
"You Really Wake Up the Love in Me" by The Duke Spirit
Alex and Mike/Mark arrive at the bowling alley. Mike/Mark tries to give the girls some advice. 0:59
"Can't Say No" by The Helio Sequences
2nd song in the bowling alley. Alex tries to talk to the girl he likes but struggles and his leg catches fire. Mike/Mark goes upstairs to talk to Maggie. 1:01
"L.E.S Artistes" by Santogold
1st song at the party at Mark's/Mike's house. Alex talks with the girl he likes. 1:10
"Rich Girls" by The Virgins
2nd song at the party. Maggie talks to Stan until Mike/Mark tells him to leave. 1:12
"Drop" by Ying Yang Twins
3rd song at the party. Mike/Mark spots Scarlet and tells her about Alex and his new girl. 1:16
"Cherish" by Kool & The Gang
Plays in the car as Ned and Jane drive back to Ned's house. They talk about Halo until they nearly crash into a jeep full of teenagers. 1:17
"Drop" by Ying Yang Twins
Ned and Jane arrive back at the house and tell everyone to get out. 1:17
"The Greatest" by Cat Power & The Memphis Rhythm Band
Mike/Mark leaves the court room after reading the letter. Scarlet has the hearing postponed and realises the letter is simply directions to the court house. Later, Mike/Mark shoots hoops outside Ned's house and they argue. 1:25
"Fergalicious" by Fergie (Feat. will.i.am)
Cheerleaders perform before the basketball match. 1:28
"Naive" by The Kooks
The basketball goes ahead as Mike and Scarlet leave. Mike gives Ned his key back and finds Jane in bed with Ned. Continues into end credits. 1:34

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