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"Time to Pretend" by MGMT
Title screen. Opening credits. Ben (Jim Sturgess) rides his bike in Boston to MIT.0:02
"I Got A Line On You" by Spirit
Ben and his mom and friends in the bar celebrating his birthday.0:10
"Big Ideas" by LCD Soundsystem
Ben practices the count with Fisher and Choi. He also practices the code words.0:26
"Home" by Great Northern
The team talk in a bar and explain to Ben how it works on the casino floor. They go through the signals.0:28
"Mad Pursuit" by Junkie XL (Feat. Electrocute)
Ben enters the underground gambling den and sits at a table with Choi.0:31
"Sister Self Doubt" by Get Shakes
2nd song at the underground gambling den. A hood is thrown over Ben's head.0:33
"Slipping Away" by Moby
Going through the metal detectors at the airport. (Instrumental) /37/0:37
"I Am The Unknown" by The Aliens
Arriving in Las Vegas for the first time. Arriving at the hotel.0:39
"Tender Buttons" by Broadcast
Ben sits down at a table with Jill for his first game in Vegas.0:49
"Does Anybody Know" by Ken Andrews
Ben puts his first bundle of notes into the ceiling.0:53
"Everybody Get Dangerous" by Weezer
Plays in the bar as Ben's friends rate women. Ben spots Jill across the bar.0:54
"Tropical Moonlight" by Domino
2nd song in the bar as Ben tells his friends to stop staring.0:55
"Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn And John
Ben narrates. He talks to the mirror in Vegas. He talks about the differences between Boston and Vegas.0:59
"Shut Up And Drive" by Rihanna
The team goes shopping in Vegas. Limo riding.1:04
"Alright" by Knivez Out
Strip club in Vegas. Jill flirts with Ben and offers him a private dance.1:05
"Sister Self Doubt" by Get Shakes
Ben enters the casino floor from an escalator and sits at a table. Fisher doesn't like his cockiness.1:07
"Hold My Hand" by UNKLE
Back in the strip club Ben goes mental at Fisher. Micky tells Fisher that he's off the team and tells him to go home.1:11
"L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever)" by Mark Ronson (Feat. Kasabian)
Strippers cash out the teams chips for them. Red tunnel into a club.1:13
"You Can't Always Get What You Want" (Soulwax remix) by The Rolling Stones
Closing scenes. Continues into end credits.1:53
"Giant" by David Sardy (Feat. Liela Moss)
2nd song in end credits.

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