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"Warm It Up Kane" by Big Daddy Kane
Monty, Jacob and Mary enter the club. They meet Naturelle and Frank inside. Monty does a toast. Naturelle and Mary go off to dance and Frank goes off with a waitress. 1:09
"Flava In Ya Ear" by Craig Mack
Monty talks to Jacob about Mary in the club. He asks Jacob to look after Doyle. 1:10
"Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is" by Olympic Runners
Frank learns Mary is Jacob's student. Kostya arrives. 1:13
"White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)" by Grand Master & Melle Mel
Kostya talks to the guys but struggles with the English language. They try to explain but he doesn't understand. Kostya, Frank and Monty go upstairs. Kostya leaves Frank and Monty on the balcony. 1:14
"Cavern" by Liquid Liquid
Mary and Naturelle dance on the dancefloor while Monty and Frank watch from a balcony. Monty and Frank talk. 1:16
"Bra" by Cymande
Mary walks through the club dancing. She stands in front of a sleeping Jacob and tries to seduce him but he pushes her away. Mary and Jacob talk. Mary leaves to go to the bathroom, Jacob follows her and they kiss in the bathroom. 1:21
"Dove" by Cymande
Monty and Kostya meet with some Russian mobsters. Monty gets advice on surviving prison. 1:32
"The Message" by Cymande
Kostya is beaten. Monty finds out that is was Kostya who sold him out. Monty leaves. 1:36
"The Fuse" by Bruce Springsteen
End credits. 2:03

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