28 Weeks Later

Music from 28 Weeks Later the movie

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"Don Abandons Alice" by John Murphy
Don runs from the house abandoning Alice and is chased by zombies to the river. He manages to get in the boat and escape. 0:08
"Welcome to Britain" by John Murphy
Shots of London while explaining what's happened since the virus outbreak. 0:10
"Bullet from a Gun" by John Murphy
Flynn plays the song through his headset in the helicopter just before Doyle gives him a fright. 0:24
"In The House - In A Heartbeat" by John Murphy
The snipers attempt to kill everyone below. 0:54
"Night Watch" by John Murphy
Doyle looks through the windows of the apartments using his sniper scope. 0:55
"Fire-Bombing London" by John Murphy
London on fire as the soldiers watch on their monitors and anyone on the surface is burned. 1:03
"Leaving England" by John Murphy
The helicopter takes off from Wembley Stadium and flies over London. 1:28
"Theme 3 (End Credits)" John Murphy
Last song in end credits. 1:35

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