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Music from Alpha Dog the movie

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"Over the Rainbow" by Eva Cassidy
Opening scenes. Various home videos during the opening credits. 0:00
"Weightlifting" by Lowd
The guys work out in Johnny's garage and Johnny tells Elvis to get back to work. 0:04
"LA LA Land" by Tech N9ne (Feat. Gina Cassavetes)
Johnny arrives in his car at a baseball field to see his dad. 0:07
"Winner" by Paul Bushnell
Johnny parks his car outside a shop and goes in. Another car pulls up and the driver puts a bag in Johnny's trunk. As Johnny comes back the police drive by and Johnny stares at them as he sits on his car. 0:08
"Basketball" by Lowd
At Johnny's house. A music video plays on the plasma screen and Elvis complains about it with Tiko. 0:13
"Never Give Up" by Mic Holden
As the song changes Elvis shows some dance moves and then gets the beers. The rest of the guys tease him until Jake arrives and Johnny goes to talk to him. 0:13
"Let's Chill" by Mic Holden, Maya & ReneƩ Rogers
Jake and Johnny talk about money owed. 0:17
"Johnny & Jake Fight" by Lowd
Jake and Johnny fight until a dog bites Jake and everyone runs outside. 0:18
"Cookie Monster" by Paul Graham & Paul Bushnell
Jake his having sex with his girlfriend when he hears a knock at the door and it's Zach. He let's him in and offers him a drink. 0:19
"We Are the Lost" Lawrence Faljean
Jake and his girlfriend drop Zach back at his parents house. 0:23
"Minor's Daughter" by Travis Howard
Johnny and his friends drink with his dad and friend in a bar. 0:24
"Just a Little Bit" by Gina Cassavetes
Wanda talks to reporters. 0:26
"Along for the Ride" by Robert Rebeck
Bobby talks about a car and insurance in a bar. 0:26
"Jake Breaks In" by Paul Bushnell
Jake and his crew break into Johnny's apartment and steal his plasma. Johnny hides in the bathroom. 0:28
"Enemy and I" by Lazarus
Johnny, Frankie and Tiko visit Jake's apartment but he's not in. Frankie and Tiko throw stones at Jake's window. 0:32
"Enemy and I" by Lazarus
Zach puts on some jeans and climbs out his bedroom window. He's walking along the road when Johnny and the boys kidnap him. 0:35
"Revolving" by Paul Bushnell
Johnny, Frankie, Bobby and Zach arrive at Chucky's apartment and ask to use a room. They tape up Zach's mouth and Chucky gets angry. Chucky and his friends leave. 0:37
"Caribou Lou" by Tech N9ne
Jake arrives at a party asking where Johnny is. They can't help him so he starts to kick the **** out of everyone. 0:43
"Wild Is the Wind" by David Bowie
Frankie and Zach arrive at Frankie's house to find his dad cavorting with 2 girls. Zach's mum stares out the window while his dad comforts her. Frankie is introduced to the girls. 0:46
"Dragonfly" by Miredys Peguero & Paul Bushnell
Frankie explains the garden to Zach and Frankie gets a call while Zach does something with the cannabis. 0:49
"Tired" by Skatterman & Snug Brim
Zach is planting something at looking at Frankie and the others. Frankie invites him over and introduces him to them. 0:50
"Bullet and a Target" by Citizen Cope
Johnny arrives at Frankie's house with his girlfriend. 0:55
"Pool Party" by Mic Holden
Johnny mixes a drink at the pool party and pushes some people in the pool. 0:59
"Liar" by Miredys Peguero & Paul Graham
Susan arrives at a darkened apartment and tries to talk to her mum about Zach but she is rebuffed. 1:02
"Toss It Up" by Tupac Shakur
Susan's mum drops them off at the house party. Frankie, Zach and the others go into the bathroom and Frankie chucks some girl out. Frankie and Zach play fight. 1:08
"Marco Polo" by Lowd & Cassie Simon
The girls strip off next to the pool and tell Zach to get in. Julie blindfolds Zach, they play Marco Polo and it ends in kissing. 1:13
"Quisiera" by Ismael Gallegos
Angela's birthday party in the restaurant. 1:16
"Party's Over" by Lowd
Frankie gets a call from Johnny at the party whilst being molested by Sabrina. Frankie tells everyone the party's over. They all say goodbye to Zach. 1:17
"Elvis Arrested" by Aaron Zigman
Elvis tries to get help from Pick but the police arrive and he has to run. The police catch up to him and he's arrested. 1:39
"Slither" by Tech N9ne
Johnny and Angela hiding out in the Glen Capri Motel. They try to have sex but it doesn't go to plan for Johnny and he leaves. 1:40
"Say Goodbye Hollywood" by Eminem
Buzz drives Johnny in a red truck to his dad's house. Montage showing what happened to the various characters. 1:45
"Girl from Ipanema" by 'Kenny G' (Feat. Astrud Gilberto)
Johnny in Paraguay in a smart suit. The credits explain he was arrested and is awaiting trial. 1:47
"Night & Day" by Tech N9ne & Bigg Krizz Kaliko
1st song in end credits. 1:48
"Blank Zone 2" by Tech N9ne
Last song in end credits. 1:51

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