American Pie Presents: Beta House

Music from American Pie Presents: Beta House the movie

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"Don't Fight The Feeling" by Sound Experience
Opening scenes. Radio in the car. 0:00
"Inside Outside" by Miss Eighty 6
At the Beta house party the judging of the girls begins. 0:10
"I Ain't Going Nowhere" by Soul P
Some girl opens Dwight's beer with her... and the guys ask how to become Beta's. Dwight tells them he'll introduce them to Wesley. 0:12
"Fur Elise" by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Wesley plays this on the piano until Dwight introduces the guys to him. 0:14
"Find Out" by Aceyalone
At the Beta house party. Everyone dancing, except Erik. 0:14
"Call Me Irresponsible" by Michael Buble
Wesley plays piano and sings this song. 0:15
"Girls" by Robyn Johnson
Back at the party after Wesley has his first drink. Dwight asks Erik why he's not "tearing it up". Erik asks a girl to dance. 0:16
"Sabado En La Noche" by Fulanitoft (Feat. Tonny Tun Tun)
Erik eats breakfast with Dwight and his cook, Peaches. 0:20
"Put Your Hands Up" by Soul P
At the strip the challenge is to get a backside signed by a stripper. Crooze tries his luck but fails. 0:24
"Give Me More / Walking On Fire" by Psykohead
Crossing off more pledges. Ostrich, dancing, tattoo from Mexico, magazine. 0:27
"Kjana Mwana Mwali" by Bomas Of Kenya
Dwight talks to his Swahili instructor. 0:28
"I Found My World" by Rich Dolman
Erik eating lobster with Ashley in a restaurant. 0:29
"Captured" by Staci Frenes
Cooze paints Denise's toes then gives her a foot massage. 0:30
"Killer" by Betsy Roo
Ashley takes care of Erik's burn and he gets too excited. 0:32
"That Kinda Booty" by Dem Naughty Boys
After his meeting Dwight sleeps with a blonde girl. She's pretty crazy so he runs away. 0:34
"Gonna Love You" by The Group
Erik masturbates. 0:37
"All This Time" by Jen Foster
Cooze and Denise play strip twister. 0:38
"My Everything" by Gleedsville
Erik and Ashley have a picnic at night and end up kissing and groping. 0:40
"Ride of the Valkyries" by Wagner
The guys fire water balloons from a cannon. 0:41
"Cue The Sun" by Daphne Loves Derby
Cooze and Denise kiss but it's a nightmare. 0:43
"I'm Sick Of Being Home" by Poxy
The guys cross off some more pledges. Fat kid with girl in library, sticking up posters of Edgar, crossing pledges off the board. 0:45
"Ladies in Da Club" by Mobenix
To celebrate the pledges they've got the guys hit a strip club but they get asked for ID and escorted out because the geeks now own the club. 0:46
"On a Bender" by Bubble
Release of Venus (Bra taking off challenge). 0:58
"Candy Store" by Miss Eighty 6
1st song of the rise of Aphrodite challenge (strippers). 1st 2 girls. 1:11
"Pick It Up" by Dem Naughty Boys
2nd song of the rise of Aphrodite challenge (strip test). 2 brunettes. 1:11
"Get Them Hands High" by Ten Days Till
3rd song of the rise of Aphrodite challenge (strip test). Super hot blonde stripper from Las Vegas. Sheep dancer. 1:12
"Won More Time" by God Made Me Funky
Toga celebration party. Band performs live. Everybody dancing. Denise has surprise for Cooze and they go somewhere private. 1:13
"Love Comes Back To You" by Simon Lynge
Cooze entertains Denise in bed with surprising results. "Sex in a movie theatre" with Erik and Ashley. 1:15
"Luv T'day" by God Made Me Funky
Back at the toga party Dwight congratulates Cooze. The band perform live again, everyone dancing. Some guy jumps into the pool and everyone follows. Everyone kisses. Song continues into end credits. 1:17
"Bounce Back / Rebound" by Miss Eighty 6
After a short clip. 2nd song in end credits. 1:20
"Inside Outside" by Miss Eighty 6
3rd song in end credits. 1:21
"Techno" by Rene van Verseveld
Short clip after credits. Edgar gets a stripper to wear a sheep hat for her next dance. 1:24

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