American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile

Music from American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile the movie

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"Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye
Tracy puts on the song as she and Eric get down to business. She hears someone coming, tells Eric to hide and turns off the music. 0:14
"Down, Down, Down" by Gabriel Mann
Cooze, Eric and Ryan set off on the trip. Eric swerves around a chicken that isn't there. 0:22
"Freedom" by The White Heat
The guys driving to Michigan. Eric tries to find his phone in his bag but can't. He urinates out the window. 0:27
"Absolutely Wasted" by Sporting Riff-Raff
The guys arrive on campus and go inside the frat house. 0:29
"Freak-A-Leek" by K-Lein
The guys in the college bar. The DJ introduces Dwight as a drinking champion. 0:44
"Scratch" by Allister
The naked mile begins. 1:06
"Stuck In America" by Sugarcult
Naked mile finish. A reporter covers the mile on camera. Eric kisses the blonde girl and Tracy sees it on her TV at home. 1:09
"Here We Go" by The Grand Skeem
Party after the naked mile. Dwight crowd surfs as Eric, Ryan and Cooze arrive. Cooze, Ryan and Eric get offers to dance. 1:10
"Sucka MCs" by The Grand Skeem
The buckets are hung and beer is poured in. Cooze has an accident. 1:14
"Rock" by Lexicon
Penis ring toss. 1:15
"Swing Baby Swing" by The DNC
Penis baseball or golf or something. 1:16
"Let's Get Def" by Kennedy
After Cooze and Ryan tie in the games everyone parties. Eric dances with the blonde. On the dancefloor a circle is formed and the guys take it in turn to dance in the middle. 1:17
"Candy Store" by Miss Eighty 6
Back at a party at home, Tracy's friends tell her to sleep with somebody. 1:19
"Ain't No Game" by Basko
Dwight chats to a midget girl dancing. 1:21
"Getting Hot In Here" by Josh Henderson
Tracy explains the guilt free pass to a guy at the party after he asks about Eric. 1:24
"Birthday Song" by Ben Lee
Eric and Tracy kiss on the bed. They make love. Ryan lies with his girl, Cooze sleeps tied to a chair. 1:30
"Let's Go Home" by The Drop
Eric, Ryan and Cooze leave campus in the car to go home. 1:33
"RU Ready" by AD
The midgets get a DVD from Dwight. 1:33
"We're At The Top Of The World" by The Juliana Theory
1st song in end credits. Photos of Dwight on holiday. 1:34
"Say Goodbye" by Everybody Else
2nd song in end credits. 1:36

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