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"On The Rebound" by Floyd Cramer
Opening credits. Girls in school. Jenny (Carey Mulligan) answers a question correctly in class. 0:00
"Symphony No. 3" by Elgar
Jenny plays cello with the rest of the school orchestra as Graham stares at her. 0:04
"Sous Le Ciel De Paris" by Juliette Greco
Jenny takes her cello from the back of David's (Peter Sarsgaard) car. In her bedroom she sings along with the record as it plays. Her father (Alfred Molina) bangs and shouts upstairs that french singing isn't on the syllabus. 0:08
"Introduction Et Allegro" by Maurice Ravel
Watching the orchestra at St John's Square. 0:18
"A Sunday Kind Of Love" by Beth Rowley
A lady performs live on stage in the club as Jenny, David, Danny and Helen smoke and talk about music. They talk about an upcoming auction. 0:19
"You've Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger" by Beth Rowley
2nd song in the club performed on stage. David and Jenny look at each other and smile. 0:22
"One O'Clock Jump" by Wolverines Big Band
Jenny sees Danny's house for the first time and spots his cello. They all talk about a weekend in Oxford. 0:26
"Song Of Tonfano" by Anthony Mawer
David chats with Jenny's parents and convinces them to let her come to Oxford with him. 0:33
"Sweet Nothin's" by Brenda Lee
The girls get ready for their trip to Oxford. Jenny tries on a dress. 0:35
"Teen Scene" by The Hunters
In a bar in Oxford, Helen talks about the ugly students. 0:37
"Maybe Tomorrow" by Billy Fury
2nd song in the bar. David writes the fake message in her book from CS Lewis. 0:39
"Theme From 'A Summer Place'" by Max Steiner performed by Percy Faith
Plays at Jenny's birthday celebration in her house. Her mother emerges with the cake and Jenny blows out the candles. She gets 2 latin dictionaries then David arrives with his gifts. 0:51
"Sur Les Quais Du Vieux Paris" by Juliette Greco
Jenny and David in Paris. David takes her photo by the water. 0:58
"Tell The Truth" by Ray Charles
Plays in the bar at the dog racing. David and Danny meet another man and Helen talks about Latin. 1:03
"Comin' Home Baby" by Mel Torme
Danny dances with Jenny in the bar. 1:04
"Since I Fell For You" by The Vince Guaraldi Trio
Danny has fun with his armadillo and jokes around with Jenny. David announces their engagement. 1:13
"Smoke Without Fire" by Duffy
End credits. 1:32

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Can't really understand why the asynchronicity of Elgar's 3rd Symphony, not unravelled by Anthony Payne until decades after this movie is set.
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