August Rush

Music from August Rush the movie

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"Main Title" by Mark Mancina
Opening credits. Evan narrates about his parents and the music he hears. 0:04
"Prelude from Partita No. 3" by Johann Sebastian Bach
Eleven years earlier. Lyla plays her cello with the orchestra. 0:06
"Break" by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Louis performs on stage with his band. Shots of Lyla playing. The 2 songs become intertwined. 0:07
"Moondance" by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Louis sings on the roof as a bloke plays the guitar and harmonica below. Original song by Van Morrison. 0:11
"This Time" by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Louis performs live with his band. Louis tells Marshall he's quitting the band. Lyla storms out from dinner with her dad and is hit by a car. 0:21
"La Bamba Live" by Leon G. Thomas III
Arthur busks in the street with his guitar and sings at some passing girls. Evan approaches him. Original song by Los Lobos. 0:29
"Father's Song" by Leon G. Thomas III
After Evan pays him, Arthur plays this song with his guitar. 0:29
"Magic Time" by Van Morrison
Plays in the car as Nick drives Louis. 0:32
"Fur Elise" by Ludwig van Beethoven
Lyla hums the tune to one of her students for you to guess. 0:33
"Bari Improv" by Kaki King
Evan plugs in the guitar and plays it for the first time by banging the strings. He wakes Wizard and the other boys up with the playing. 0:42
"This Time" by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
The song plays as it's projected onto the wall at the party. Louis gets punched by his brother as he goes mad. Jennifer leaves and he follows. 0:45
"Ritual Dance" by Kaki King
August plays the guitar on the street and a small crowd gathers. 0:50
"Harlem Streetz" Charles Mack and Jamal Joseph
August stands on the street as a car drives past and rap music plays. 1:02
"Raise It Up" by Jamia Simone Nash and Impact Repertory Theatre
August hears the singing coming from the church and goes inside. 1:03
"Something Inside" by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Louis explains to police what he's doing outside Lyla's flat. A lady tells him she's gone on her honeymoon. 1:06
"Dueling Guitars" by Heitor Pereira and Doug Smith
Louis and August swap guitars and play with each other in the park. 1:27
"Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op. 85, Adagio - Moderato" by Edward Elgar
Lyla and the orchestra perform at the concert in the park. 1:33
"Something Inside" by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Louis and his band play live. The songs intertwine again. August tells Wizard he has to go and he runs away through the train station. 1:34
"August's Rhapsody" by August Rush
August conducts the orchestra at the concert in the park and they play his rhapsody. 1:40
"Someday" by John Legend
1st song in end credits. 1:46
"King of the Earth" by John Ondrasik
2nd song in end credits. 1:49
"La Bamba" by Leon G. Thomas III
3rd song in end credits. Original song by Los Lobos. 1:52

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