Bad Boys

Music from Bad Boys the movie

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"Boom Boom Boom" by Juster
Marcus' (Martin Lawrence) alarm goes off as he lies next to his wife in bed. 0:09
"I've Got a Little Something for You" by MN8
Mike (Will Smith) arrives at Marcus' house in his black Porsche. 0:10
"Shy Guy" by Diana King
Marcus and Mike meet Max in a boxing club. Mike asks Max's help as Marcus tries to use the gym equipment. 0:15
"Bad Boys" by Inner Circle
Mike and Marcus sing along with the song in the car. 0:21
"Work Me Slow" by Xscape
Max asks a girl if there are any guys flashing a lot of money about. Max agrees to take her roommate. 0:22
"Boom Boom Boom" by Juster
Marcus (as Mike) arrives at Julie's apartment. 0:33
"Call the Police" by Ini Kamoze
After being shot at Marcus (as Mike) and Julie drive away. Julie complains about the car as they argue. They agree to go Mike's apartment. 0:38
"Someone to Love" by Jon B. (Feat. Babyface)
Marcus (as Mike) arrives back to Mike's apartment and explains to Julie that he has some mugshots for her to look through. She comments on all the photos and explains that she thought he was gay. 0:51
"Me Against the World" by 2Pac
Mike and Marcus arrive at Mike's apartment. Julie meets Mike (as Marcus) for the first time. 0:57
"Never Find Someone Like You" by Keith Martin
A half-naked Yvette arrives at the apartment and Marcus (as Mike) ushers her out calling her a stalker. Mike (as Marcus) explains that she's a masseuse. They all argue. 0:59
"Juke-Joint Jezebel" by KMFDM
Marcus and Mike argue outside Club Hell. They go inside and split up. The bad guys see Marcus. 1:02
"Angels" by Dink
Marcus fights 2 bad guys in the bathroom as Mike enjoys the ladies. 1:04
"Nothing" by Stabbing Westward
Julie arrives at Club Hell and the bad guys spot her. 1:05
"Da B Side" by Da Brat (Feat. The Notorious B.I.G.)
Julie, Marcus and Mike arrives at a local store so that Julie can buy shampoo. 1:10
"Sweet Little Lass" by DAG
Marcus falls off a ledge at his own house trying to see what Mike and his wife are up to. Mike tackles him on to the lawn and they fight. 1:17
"Bad Boys" by Inner Circle
Closing scenes. Marcus leaves to see his wife. Continues into end credits. 1:49
"Five O, Five O (Here They Come)" by 69 Boyz (Feat. K-Nock)
2nd song in end credits. 1:50
"So Many Ways (Bad Boys Version)" by Warren G
3rd song in end credits. 1:51
"Bad Boys Reply ('95)" by Inner Circle (Feat. TEK)
4th song in end credits. 1:52

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