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Music from Bangkok Dangerous the movie

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"L-L-Love" by Blondfire
Joe (Nicolas Cage) walks the streets of Bangkok. Kong steals the wallet of one of the guys he's stopped as Joe watches. 0:09
"This One" by Bubble Toy
Kong arrives at the club where he is to find Aom and show her the red cross on the money. The girls are dancing on stage. Kong finds Aom and stares at her before showing her the red cross. They go backstage and she gives him the 1st briefcase. 0:14
"Boom" by The Jack Darby (Feat. R.G. Tilthouse)
2nd briefcase backstage at the club. Kong introduces himself but Aom isn't interested. 0:19
"So Hot" by The Jack Darby (Feat. Belinda Kazanci)
Girls dancing in blue outfits at the club. Kong gives Aom a present of some earrings. 0:26
"Sexy Men a.k.a. Sexy Man" by Go Go Bar
Girls dancing in the club in white outfits with white boots. Kong gets a phone number. The bad guys watch him from a balcony. 0:43
"Gonna Make Me Lose Control" by The Jack Darby (Feat. Belinda Kazanci)
Backstage at the club Kong tells Aom that he has to go. Aom is stopped by the bad guy after Kong leaves with the briefcase. 1:07

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the song i am looking for is the song that plays when nicholas cage is with the dumb asian girl.. it seems to be some sort of japanese tune.. please let me know wht the tittle is so i can download it..thankx..
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Joe at 09:49PM, 29th Jan 2010
Can you help regarding the title and artist(s) of the nice piano music played each time Cage is with the young asian girl. The music is great and would like to know who recorded it?
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Ken Mack at 10:56PM, 10th Mar 2010

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