The Bank Job

Music from The Bank Job the movie

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"Bang A Gong (Get It On)" by T. Rex
Opening scenes. People have fun in the Caribbean. A photographer takes photos of some people having sex. Terry stands outside his garage. 0:00
"Lola" by The Kinks
Terry enters a stipper club called The Denmark Club for his friends stag do. Terry and his friends talk about the bank robbery. 0:11
"In the Midnight Hour" by The Basics
2 police officers enter the club and go into a back room to talk to Lew Vogel. 0:12
"Allemande in G from English Suite" by JS Bach
Plays in the brothel with the Lords. One of them is tied up. 0:14
"Save Me" by The Storys
At the wedding reception the band play live. The lucky couple dance as Martine meets Terry and the guys. 0:15
"I Believe in Love" by The Storys
2nd song at the wedding reception. Martine tells them that she's already opened a box in the vault. She asks Kevin to dance and Terry talks to Wendy. Terry dances with one of his daughters. 0:16
"History of Jamaica" by Early B
Gayle at Hakim's book signing. She introduces her dad to Hakim. 0:27
"Those Were the Days" by Gene Raskin
The gang at Dave's wake. Martine tells Kev she's going solo. 1:38
"Money, That's What I Want" by The Storys
End credits. 1:42

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