Music from Bedazzled the movie

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"Just the One (I've Been Looking For)" by Johnnie Taylor
Opening credits and scenes. 0:00
"Wild Thing" by Tone Loc
Elliott (Brendan Fraser) picks up the pool ball and sees the Devil (Liz Hurley) at the pool table. He goes over. Instrumental. 0:09
"Stop the Rock (Mint Royale Mix)" by Apollo 440
Elliott and the Devil enter the club. Everyone's dancing. 0:17
"Bem, Bem, Maria" by Gipsy Kings
Elliott wakes up a Colombian drug lord. 0:24
"Dolphin Song" by Brendan Fraser
Elliott sings on the beach with his guitar for Alison. 0:41
"Rock and Roll Part 2" by Gary Glitter
Elliott as a basketball player. 0:47
"Get Ready for This" by 2 Unlimited
Elliott signs an autograph next to the tunnel. 0:48
"Tribal Dance" by 2 Unlimited
Elliott playing basketball again. 0:49
"Makambo" by Geoffrey Oryema
Elliott sits in his cell looking out the window and thinks. 1:12
"Meena Devi" (Goddess Mix) by Tulku
Elliott goes into the club in the day time. The devil takes him into her office. 1:13
"Change Your Mind" by Sister Hazel
Closing scenes. Elliott walks with Nicole. Continues into end credits. 1:22

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