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"I Ain't Got Nobody" by Jean Michael Bernard
Opening scenes. Jerry and Mike star in a film about Fats Waller. 0:00
"I Ain't Got Nobody" by Booker T Jones, Steve Cropper, Donald 'Duck' Dimitri and Michael Gondry
After the inital Fats Film ends we cut to modern times. Jerry and Mike are spray painting under a bridge. 0:02
"Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr
Mike and Jerry enter the library wearing their ghostbuster costumes. They capture ghosts and shoot a night scene. 0:30
"Body Move" by Yellowman
In the dry cleaning store Jerry and Mike try to recruit a girl for the kissing scene. They recruit Alma. 0:41
"Early in the Morning" by The Gap Band
Jerry leaves his trailer to remake When We Were Kings. They remake 2001: A Space Odyssey, King Kong, Carrie and Men In Black. 0:58
"I Ain't Got Nobody" by Fats Waller
Clip of Mike playing Fats as the gang discuss where Fats recorded his songs. Instrumental. 1:08
"Nothing From Nothing" by Billy Preston
The remaking continues with 2010: The Year We Make Contact, Last Tango in Paris, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Boyz N the Hood, the money rolls in as more films are sweded. Driving Mrs Daisy, The Island of Dr Moreau, Boogie Nights follow. 1:08
"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" by Fats Waller
The videos are flattened by the steam roller, the mural is defaced by kids. 1:16
"Sunny Monday" by Booker T and the MG's
Jerry, Mike and Alma interview people to record voiceover for the film. They try to decide on the order of the film. Instrumental. 1:20
"Ain't Misbehavin'" by Fats Waller
Jerry emerges dressed as Fats and sings a couple of lines. 1:21
"Solitude" by Jean Michael Bernard
Watching the Fats Waller film. Instrumental. 1:31
"Your Feets Too Big" by Fats Waller
1st song in end credits. 1:35
"Mr Fletchers Song" by Jean Michael Bernard
2nd song in end credits. 1:37

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