Big Nothing

Music from Big Nothing the movie

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"Theme from Blinking Lights" by Eels
Opening credits. Charlie pushes his daughter on the swings until Isabella arrives. 0:01
"But I Did Not" by Howe Gelb
Charlie goes into the Monkey Wrench bar to meet Gus. He goes to leave but Gus grabs him. They sit at a table and Gus explains his plan. 0:09
"Fin De Siecle (G.L.Y.O) (ANDREJ MIX)" by Noir Desir
Josie makes the phonecall to the Reverend Smalls in the phonebox. she demands $200,000. 0:15
"Money (That's What I Want)" by Barrett Strong
Charlie rakes leaves as and his daughter causes trouble. Charlie narrates. 0:18
"Love of the Loveless" by Eels
Gus pulls a pair of tights over his face and knocks on the Reverend Smalls' door. Charlie enters the bar in order to provide the alibi for Gus. Except the blind guy is in the bar. 0:21
"Sanctus" from The Armed Men - A Mass for Peace by Karl Jenkins
Charlie drags the body from the house, ties it to a gnome and pushes it into the septic tank in the garden. 0:24
"Stabat Mater: I . Stabat Mater Dolorosa" by Emma Kirby
Charlie stares a model of Jesus and explains to Gus that Jesus is crying. 0:27
"Shaking So Bad" by Gluecifer
The police officer tries to escape by crawling outside. Charlie picks up his badge as they drag him back into the house. Josie pours alcohol into his mouth. 0:42
"Hands on the Bible" by Local H (Feat. Simi)
Gus plants a bottle in the police car and they all push it into a tree. The gang drive in the car. Gus complains they're driving too slow. Gus and Charlie argue. 0:47
"Sanctus" from The Armed Men - A Mass for Peace by Karl Jenkins
The gang drive to Grouse Point to push the car off and therefore dump the body but find the trunk empty. 0:52
"Theme from Blinking Lights" by Eels
Charlie tucks a teddy under his daughter and puts his coat on her in the police station. 0:59
"Engel" by Rammstein
Josie searches the warehouse with her gun drawn. Same with Charlie. Gus grabs the money from the car but is caught by Chester. 1:06
"The Soldier" by Martin Craft
Charlie dies and Josie find the money missing. A phone rings in Charlie's house and is message is left. Charlie's daughter draws on the money. Gus and Charlie's desks at the call centre are vacant. 1:13
"Bound for the Floor" by Local H
Josie sits in the Undertaker's car as he checks on a dead body in the back. They drive off into the distance. Song continues into end credits. 1:16
"Sister, Sister" by Baxter Dury
2nd song in end credits. After an out-take. 1:17

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What is the song that is playing right after Gus is shot by Chester? It continues to where Penelope throws the badge off the bridge.
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Lombardi at 12:13AM, 27th Feb 2010
I would also very much like to know what that song Lombardi commented on is called if anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Mike95 at 04:29AM, 5th Jun 2010

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