Bitch Slap

Music from Bitch Slap the movie

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"Bitch Slap (Take the Ride)" by Rebel Vengeance
Opening montage. Opening credits. 0:02
"High" by AM Conspiracy
Hel helps Trixie out of the car in her gold dress. 0:05
"Nobody Hot as Me" by KU
6 hours ago. Trixie performs as a stripper for Gage and slips something into his drink. 0:16
"Lust in the Dust" by Rebel Vengeance
Slow motion shots of the girls digging. 0:22
"Throw the Towel Down" by Stank E. Digitz
5 nights ago. Strippers perform at the Department for Hom Security. Hel watches Gage. 0:30
"Ave Marie Divita" by America Olivo and Kyle Mack
A bright light blinds Gage and Trixie appears on stage in an anneal costume. She seduces Gage. The song starts with the original "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert. 0:31
"Welt" by AM Conspiracy
Trixie and Hel kiss and fondle in the mobile home until Camero interrupts them. 0:43
"A Long Walk Home" by Walls Of Jericho
Deputy Fuchs appears in the nick of time but Kinki slashes his face with her yo-yo. A fight develops. 0:57
"Scrape" by Blue Stahli
Hel and Camero fight each other as Trixie tries to stop it. Trixie gets knocked out. Camero wins. 1:11
Hel and Camero fight for a second time. 1:22
"Chase the Devil" by Eagles of Death Metal
1st song in end credits. 1:40
"Kinki Girl (Dangerous Love)" by Minae Noji
2nd song in end credits. 1:41

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