Blood Diamond

Music from Blood Diamond the movie

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"Blood Diamond Titles" by James Newton Howard
People fish at sunset. Solomon sends his son to school and then goes fishing. Title screen. 0:02
"Tok" by Masta Kent (Feat. Bullet Rhymes)
The RUF approach Solomon's village as he and his son race along the beach. 0:03
"Village Attack" by James Newton Howard
Solomon tells Dia to stay where he is and runs back to his village to save his wife and daughter. The RUF pull up and open fire on the villagers. Instrumental. 0:03
"Tok" by Masta Kent (Feat. Bullet Rhymes)
The RUF chop off the hands of the captured villagers. Solomon is spared. 0:05
"G8 Conference" by James Newton Howard
At the G8 conference they discuss conflict diamonds. Interspersed with clips of the diamond mine. Instrumental. 0:06
"Joyous Prayer" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Archer walks with some goats on the hillside and is stopped by the army. 0:12
"Ankala" by Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
Archer gets out of prison and talks to his friend about Solomon and his diamond. 0:19
"Archer Sells Diamond" by James Newton Howard
Archer extracts the diamond from his tooth and gets bothered by prostitutes. Some guy goes into his hotel room. Archer sells the diamond. Solomon gets given money outside the prison from Archer's friend. 0:20
"The Retreat Song (Jikele Maweni)" by Angélique Kidjo
At a beach bar Archer talks to the barman. He spots Maddy across the bar and goes to talk to her. 0:22
"Kepere" by Armand Sabal-Lecco
Archer still talking to Maddy at the beach bar. 0:24
"Ruf Kidnaps Dia" by James Newton Howard
Solomon checks the list on the wall. Dia is taken by the RUF. Instrumental. 0:27
"Saful" by Masta Kent
Archer dances with Maddy at the beach bar. 0:37
"Grab and Clap" by Pupa Bajah and Baw Waw Society
After their dance Maddy talks to Archer at the bar. 0:38
"When da Dawgs Come Out to Play" by Bai Burea (Feat. Masta Kent and Bullet Rhymes)
Night time after the RUF attack on the beach resort. The RUF celebrate in the streets. Fires burn, the barman lies dead. Archer and Soloman make their way through the streets and avoid being detected. 0:45
"Crossing the Bridge" by James Newton Howard
After killing the guards, Archer and Solomon run across the bridge in the sunset. They walk in a long line of people. 0:47
"Solomon Finds Family" by James Newton Howard
Solomon finds his wife and daughter in the camp. He talks to them through the fence and Maddy takes photo's. Archer drags him away. 0:54
"Baai" by Emmanuel Jal with Abdel Gadir Salim
RUF relax at their base. Some kid is injected with drugs. Some introduce themselves with their new names. The kids attack a village. 1:04
"Sierra Leone National Anthem" aka "High We Exalt Thee Realm of the Free"
Sung by the kids at the friendly camp. 1:13
"When I Get Free" by Tupac Shakur
An RUF truck drives past Archer and Solomon hiding in the bushes. Solomon shouts for Dia and the truck stops. 1:27
"Your Son Is Gone" by James Newton Howard
Archer and Solomon wait until dark to find Dia. They watch the RUF from the tree line. Instrumental. 1:33
"Archer & Solomon Hike" by James Newton Howard
Archer and Solomon hike towards the diamond. Solomon asks him lots of questions. 1:34
"From tha Streetz" by Mack 10
RUF base next to the mine. Solomon approaches looking for Dia. A music video plays on the TV as the kids play cards. Solomon approaches Dia but is rebuffed. 1:40
"Diamond Mine Bombed" by James Newton Howard
Captain Poison tells Solomon to find the diamond. An attack helicopter attacks. Archer gives it a helping hand. Instrumental. 1:43
"Your Mother Loves You" by James Newton Howard
Solomon persuades Dia to lower his gun. Instrumental. 1:52
"I Can Carry You" by James Newton Howard
Solomon carries Archer up the mountain with his son. 1:56
"Thought I'd Never Call?" by James Newton Howard
Archer calls Maddy from the mountain. Instrumental. 2:00
"London" by James Newton Howard
Solomon gets a phone call in his hotel room. A plane taxis up and Solomon gets out of a cab. Solomon is reunited with his family. The stone is placed in a vault and Maddy writes her story. 2:25
"Solomon Vandy" by James Newton Howard
Solomon steps up to the stage to make his speech at the conference. 2:08
"Shine on 'em" by Nas
Rap song in end credits. 2:09

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