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"Black Is Black" by Los Bravos
Plays in the kitchen as Jose (Rodríguez) talks to his friend as they sort flowers. 0:06
"Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson
Cooper (LaBeouf) talks to Jimmy in the cafe about the nude scene in The Graduate. The waitress, Susan, joins the conversation. 0:09
"I Was Made to Love Her" by Stevie Wonder
Miriam (Stone) puts on the radio in her salon. Diane (Lohan) arrives for a manicure and pedicure. 0:14
"Mickey's Monkey" by The Miracles
Some guy stands in front of a yellow bus and tries to get people interested in his new way of voting. Cooper and Jimmy talk about the bus and explain to Wade that they're going to do their own thing in a car. 0:16
"Ain't That Peculiar" by Marvin Gaye
Miriam works on Diane's nails and they talk about love and money. 0:20
"Baby, I Love You" by Aretha Franklin
Diane still in the salon. They talk about the war. 0:21
"Spoonful" by Cream
Fisher (Kutcher) organises drugs as Bobby talks on the TV. Cooper and Jimmy knock on the door and are invited in. 0:25
"Season of the Witch" by Donovan
Fisher talks to Cooper and Jimmy in his hotel room. Diane answers the door to William (Wood). 0:28
"Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan
Fisher puts drugs into sugar cubes as Cooper and Jimmy watch. They all take a cube. 0:36
"Come See About Me" by The Supremes
Jose talks to his friend about the game tickets as they set a table. Wade talks about balloons with Dwayne. Lenka argues with him. 0:37
"Love and Light" by Luxurious
A TV falls from a window. Cooper tries to throw a chair out the window but can't. Instrumental. 0:42
"Initials" (from "Hair") by Galt MacDermot
Fisher, Cooper and Jimmy on an LSD trip. Cooper ends up naked, Fisher rides an imaginary motorbike and they see things behind a door. 0:43
"There's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World)" by Herman's Hermits
Miriam brings Paul (Macy) some lunch as he sits at his desk. He complains because it's just a salad. 0:47
"Wives and Lovers" by Jack Jones
Samantha (Hunt) and Jack (Sheen) relax by the pool. Cooper and Jimmy too. 0:59
"Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)" by The Moody Blues
Diane kisses William. Virginia (Moore) is escorted into the salon by Paul. Daryl (Slater) catches Lenka sniffing biscuits and gets her a meal. 1:02
"Magic Moments" by Perry Como
Samantha shoe shopping as Jack watches. 1:09
"Louie Louie" by The Kingsmen
Virginia performs live on stage. 1:21
"Pata Pata" by Miriam Makeba
Bobby's supporters congregate. William talks to Diane. Wade talks to Cooper and Jimmy. Wade addresses the crowd. 1:24
"Function at the Junction" by Shorty Long
Jack (Sheen) and Samantha Hunt) discuss a Warhol original painting with Angela (Graham). Dwayne talks to a girl. 1:28
"The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel
Most of the characters watch as Bobby speaks. Shots of unrest, war. 1:30
"Never Gonna Break My Faith" by Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige (Feat. The Boys Choir of Harlem)
End credits. 1:44

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