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"Erica" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Opening scenes. Erica talks on the radio. Instrumental. 0:00
"The Tunnel" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Erica and David walk through the tunnel shouting after the dog. They're approached by youths and it all kicks off. Instrumental. 0:08
"Answer" by Sarah McLachlan
Erica turns on the radio and remembers kissing David. She lies on the bed and remembers him playing guitar. 0:19
"Gun Shop" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Erica leaves the gun shop and a bloke offers her a gun. She follows him. Instrumental. 0:27
"Burning On Both Ends" by Willie Singleton
Detective Mercer talks to his ex-wife in a bar. He asks for her help with a case he's working on. 0:30
"Corner-shop" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Erica hides behind the shelves in the gun shop as the bloke with the gun looks for her. She shoots him, takes the CCTV tape and leaves. Instrumental. 0:33
"The Stranger Within" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Erica sits on the couch in her apartment. Detective Mercer burns a photo. Erica talks into her microphone. 0:38
"Burning On Both Ends" by Willie Singleton
Plays briefly on Detective Mercer's radio in the car until he turns over to Erica's show. 0:41
"Death In The Subway" by Dario Marianelli (score)
After Erica has shot the guys on the subway she leaves the train and the station. Instrumental. 0:47
"Black Betty" by Ram Jam
Erica enters the bar and goes upstairs to the bathroom. She dumps her jacket and is sick into the toilet. 0:48
"Back To The Crime Scene" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Erica returns to the station when the police and press are there. Instrumental. 0:51
On the Prowl" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Erica walks at night. She plays the interview with Detective Mercer on the radio. Instrumental. 1:02
"We Get Money Around Here" by B Smoove
Erica gets into a car with a bloke and a prostitute. She pulls a gun on the guy and she helps the prostitute. 1:04
"No Going Back" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Detective Mercer listens to the lift beep and thinks. 1:20
"Hits from the Bong" by Cypress Hill
Detective Vitale pulls up outside the park and grabs Ethan when he tries to run. He tries to get information about the train murder. 1:23
"I Saw Nobody, Nobody Saw Me" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Erica and Mercer talk to the beaten up prostitute in the hospital. She keeps Erica's secret. Instrumental. 1:25
"Wedding Cards" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Erica opens the box of wedding invitations. Instrumental. 1:31
"You Don't Know Me" by Elvis Presley
Detective Mercer and Erica talk in the cafe about her husband. He tells her that a woman was on the train at the first murder. 1:36
"Ven Aqui Mama" by The Neptunes
Erica enters the pawnshop and asks if the bloke has seen the ring before. He give her a name, address and phone number. 1:42
"The Illest" by Immortal Technique
Erica walks along the street looking for the address given to her by the pawn shop bloke. She calls the number and a girl across the street answers. Erica follows her. 1:43
"Phone Messages" by Dario Marianelli (score)
Erica gets a message from the girl while she's in a tunnel. She texts Mercer as well. 1:45
"Answer" by Sarah McLachlan
Closing scenes. Erica runs from Detective Mercer. He cleans the gun and frees the dog. The dog runs and Mercer calls in the shooting. The dog finds Erica in the tunnel. Song continues in end credits. 1:55
"Erica" by Dario Marianelli (score)
2nd song in end credits. Instrumental. 1:59

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