Breaking and Entering

Music from Breaking and Entering the movie

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"Maniac" by PJ Harvey
Ouna puts the music on in Will's car as they stakeout the office. She dances provocatively until Will turns it off. 0:38
"Random" by Lady Sovereign
Plays as Will starts the car up to take Bea to school. He quickly ejects the CD. 0:42
"Maniac" by PJ Harvey
The car is returned and Will starts it up. 1:23
"True Skool" by Coldcut (Feat. Roots Manuva)
Miro walks through camden by the canel. The police officer tells him to get on the back of the scooter. 1:24
"Backdraft" by Foreign Beggars
Miro and his friend stand on the balcony as a police car pulls up below. 1:29
"Bentbasa" by Dado Jehan and Friends
Amira and others sing an eastern european song as plain clothes police arrive. 1:30
"Sé Lest" by Sigur Rós
End credits. 1:49

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