The Butterfly Effect 2

Music from The Butterfly Effect 2 the movie

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"Playing The Game" by AM
Nick, Julie, Trevor and Amanda ride in the jeep home. Nick thinks he has forgot his sunglasses but Julie has them. Julie takes off her seatbelt to take a photo of Trevor and Amanda kissing. 0:06
"Turn Time Around" by N. Lannon
Nick lies on his sofa drinking a bottle of beer. He connects a camera to his computer and laughs at a photo. 0:18
"Do You Feel The Cold?" by Tourist
Nick realises the BMW M3 Convertible outside is his. He checks for his address and then drives home. He calls Julie on the way home. 0:42
"The Place You Are" by Exit the Ordinary
After the meeting Nick drives his BMW M3 to the underground car park at his apartment. Shortly after the song ends Trevor startles him. 0:43
"Pangu" by 2 Da Groove
Nick visits the club owned by Malcolm to help out Trevor. He sees Julie doing photography work. 0:56

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