Chariots of Fire

Music from Chariots of Fire the movie

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"Titles (Main Theme)" by Vangelis
The runners jog along the beach through the water. Main title and opening credits. 0:01
"He is an Englishman" from "H.M.S. Pinafore" (1878)
Some guy runs around the grounds of the University. Abrahams reads a newspaper story aloud and writes in a notebook. He competes in the long jump and other events. He performs in a play. 0:29
"Three Little Maids from School Are We" from "The Mikado" (1885)
Some girls perform live on stage. Abrahams watches through his binoculars. 0:37
"With Catlike Tread" from "The Pirates of Penzance" (1879)
Abrahams plays the piano and sings for everyone. They all join him on the second verse. 1:12
"Jerusalem" by Vangelis
Sung by the choir at the funeral. 1:53
"Titles (Main Theme)" by Vangelis
End credits. The guys running along the beach again. 1:56

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