Music from Clerks the movie

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"Clerks" by Love Among Freaks
Opening credits. Dante gets ready for work, drinks some milk and drives to work to open up. 0:01
"Kill The Sex Player" by Girls Against Boys
First appearance of Jay and Silent Bob outside the video store. 0:06
"Got Me Wrong" by Alice in Chains
Randal checks out Dante's makeshift sign and then goes inside the store. After they talk Randal goes to open the videostore. 0:19
"Making Me Sick" by Bash & Pop
Jay dances outside. Randall gets a request for a video whilst on the phone to the distributor. He rattles off a list of lewd videos. Dante uses the payphone. 0:22
"Berserker" by Love Among Freaks
Performed by Silent Bob's cousin after Jay encourages him. 0:26
"Chewbacca" by Supernova
Dante and Randall discuss Star Wars in the shop. A roofers chimes in with his opinion. 0:27
"Go Your Own Way" by Seaweed
Randall tells Dante about his unruly customer but Dante tells him about the man checking eggs. A woman chimes in. 0:32
"Panic In Cicero" by The Jesus Lizard
Randall, Dante and others play hockey on the roof of the store. 0:41
"Shooting Star" by Golden Smog
Dante and Randall riding in the car on the way to the wake. The arrive at a house. 0:49
"Leaders And Followers" by Bad Religion
Dante and Randall run out of the house and drive off. 0:51
"Violent Mood Swings (Thread Mix)" by Stabbing Westward
"Jay dances outside the stores at night. Silent Bob joins him. 1:05
"Berserker" by Love Among Freaks
Jay sticks a sign on the door and when Randall comes out they laugh at him. 1:06
"Big Problems" by Corrosion Of Conformity
Dante fights with Randall in the store. 1:20
"Can't Even Tell" by Soul Asylum
End credits. 1:25

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