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"West Coast" by Coconut Records
At the party Hud interviews a guy and girl to get some words for Rob. The girl says bon voyage and they decide the Japanese word for goodbye is Say┼Źnara. Short clip. 0:06
"Taper Jean Girl" by Kings of Leon
Lily asks Hud what he's doing and explains that he's documenting the night. She tells him to take it seriously and Lily does her testimony for Rob. Hud zooms in on Marlena. 0:06
"Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston
Hud zooms in on Marlena as she sits at the bar drinking and texting. Hud talks to himself as he starts to walks over but veers off to some guy when he loses his nerve. 0:07
"Do I Have Your Attention" by The Blood Arm
Hud talks to Marlena as she sits by the bar and he tells her the reason for his filming. She explains that she hardly knows Rob but she eventually relents and does her testimony for Rob. 0:07
"Got Your Moments" by Scissors for Lefty
Just before Rob enters Lily asks someone to turn the music off. 0:09
"My Kind Of Lover" by Locksley
Rob explains to Hud with the camera that he wasn't even surprised. Hud explains that he's documenting the night. Rob asks if Beth's coming. 0:10
"Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)" by Parliament
Lily dances with Jason. Hud films a girl sleeping. Some guy asks how Hud will survive without his 'main dude'. 0:11
"19-2000" by Gorillaz
Hud films Lily drinking, she says Hi. Rob and Jason talk about My Fair Lady. Beth arrives with a guy and Rob goes to talk to them. 0:11
"The Underdog" by Spoon
Hud watches Beth with the camera. He films Rob sitting down and staring at her. He asks him if everything's cool and Rob wants to know if he switched tapes. 0:12
"Pistol Of Fire" by Kings of Leon
Hud asks Beth if she wants to say some words on camera. She asks Travis to get her a drink and they go to the kitchen to film her feelings for Rob. 0:13
"Disco Lies" by Moby
Rob asks to talk to Beth and they leave the kitchen. Hud tells Jason about it but he's not interested. 0:14
"Do The Whirlwind" by Architecture in Helsinki
Hud films Beth and Rob outside the apartment but Lily drags him back inside. He asks Lily what's going on between them. 0:15
"Grown So Ugly" by The Black Keys
Hud and Jason go to the kitchen to find out what's going on with Rob and Beth. Lily explains that they slept together as Hud secretly films. 0:15
"Four Winds" by Bright Eyes
Hud tells a guy and a girl sitting down about Rob and Beth sleeping together. 0:16
"The Ride" by Joan As Police Woman
Hud tells Marlena about Rob and Beth as she waits outside the bathroom. 0:16
"Seventeen Years" by Ratatat
Hud tells 2 girls about Rob and Beth. Beth comes back into the apartment then leaves with Travis as Rob comes back in. Hud asks Rob if he's alright. 0:16
"Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games" by Of Montreal
Lily tells Jason and Hud to go make him happy. 0:17
"Fuzz" by Mucc
Hud and Jason talk to Rob on the balcony until everything shakes violently. 0:17
"Pankhida" by Lekha Rathnakumar
Plays in the background near the beginning as Lily yells at Jason in the convenience store.
"Roar!" (Cloverfield overture) by Michael Giacchino
End credits. 1:15

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