Music from Collateral the movie

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"Briefcase" by Tom Rothrock
Vincent picks up the briefcase and walks away. Max works on his taxi in the garage, cleaning the dash and steering wheel and checking the lights. 0:01
"Debestar" by The Green Car Motel
Max pulls onto the freeway with a couple in the back arguing. Aerial shots of the cab on the freeway (short clip). 0:03
"Love Me So Bad" by Lyrics Born
Max still driving his cab. Aerial shots of him driving through the city (short clip). 0:03
"En Mi Pueblo" by Bandidos de Amor
Max cleans his rear window at a petrol garage and talks to the bloke there. 0:03
"The Seed 2.0" by The Roots
Max's cars reflection in a building. Some guy asks Max where he can find the shuttle in the day time. 0:04
"Hands Of Time" by Groove Armada (Feat. Richie Havens)
Max driving his cab at night with Annie in the back. Max says he was lucky with the lights. Annie asks him to turn the radio up. They talk a bit. 0:05
"Air" by Johann Sebastian Bach (performed by Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion)
Max takes Vincent to his first destination. Vincent explains why he doesn't like LA. As Vincent leaves the car Max eats a sandwich and looks at car brochures. 0:14
"Spanish Key" by Miles Davis
Played by the band at the jazz club. 0:38
"Max Steals Briefcase" by James Newton Howard
Max picks up Vincent's briefcase and runs out of the hospital. 0:50
"Island Limos" by James Newton Howard
Max tells Vincent about Island Limos. 0:56
"G├╝ero Canelo" by Calexico
Max (as Vincent) walks through the bar/club on his way to see Felix. The guards pat him down and he sits next to Felix. 1:01
"Ven Aca Bonita" by Bandidos de Amor
Felix talks to Max (as Vincent) about the list. 1:03
"Destino De Abril" by The Green Car Motel
Max (as Vincent) walks through the bar after meeting with Felix. 1:08
"Moxica & His Horse" from 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992) by Vangelis
Vincent accesses the list from the memory stick and tells Max to drive to the Fever night club. The police organise their operation. The police disagree on whether Max is Vincent or not. 1:09
"Shadow On The Sun" by Audioslave
Max stops the cab as a coyote walks across the road. He drives off again as the police follow behind. Max pulls in front of the nightclub where the next target is. The police are close behind. 1:13
"Ready Steady Go (Korean Style)" by Oakenfold
Inside the nightclub Vincent looks for the target, he tells Max to walk somewhere and the police look for their own target. Vincent eyes the guards and takes them down in turn. Vincent kills the target and escapes. 1:15
"Shadow On The Sun" by Audioslave
Vincent drives fast and through red lights despite Vincent telling him to slow down. He deliberately crashes the cab soon after the song ends. 1:27
"Destino De Abril" by The Green Car Motel
End credits. 1:50

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