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"Penny On a Train Track" by Ben Kweller
Opening credits. 0:00
"I Gotta Move" by Ben Kweller
The guys make the journey to the University. They arrive and check out the girls. 0:10
"You Gonna Want Me" by Tiga
The guys arrive at the gay frat party (although they don't realise at first). Boner tag begins. 0:20
"No Heaven" by Champion
The guys arrive at the fraternity party (after a bad experience at a gay fraternity). 0:21
"Let's Ride" by Airbourne
The guys do bodyshots off Bearcat. 0:24
"Bring 'Em Out" by Hawk Nelson
Song during that party after the previous scene. The guys are really drunk. Carter films Kevin as he dives on top of everyone. 0:25
"Night Sky (Cello Version)" by Peirson Ross
Kevin says goodnight to Kendall outside her house. 0:35
"Bring 'Em Out" by Hawk Nelson
Gina watches Kevin's video message he sent. 0:40
"All Good" by Zeroleen
The guys check out the charity body wash. 0:41
"Beer (Song)" by Mustard Plug
The guys are forced to empty the toilet, wash the car, etc. 0:44
"Jailbait" by Supagroup
The band perform live at the party for the 1st time. 0:50
"Slice Of Life" by Sweatshop Union
Same party. The guys stare at a pole dancer. Teague tells them that they've paid for the party. 0:51
"Let's Go (Get Wasted)" by Supagroup
The band perform live a 2nd time. Morris leaves the guys to look for something non-alcoholic. 0:54
"Throw Your Cash Up" by SWJ (Feat. Sizzle C)
Bearcat tells Morris that the punch is non-alcoholic. 0:55
"Let's Go (Get Wasted)" by Supagroup
Kevin and Carter talk to the girls and explain why they didn't meet them at the bar. Song continues after a brief clip of Morris drunk in the road. 0:57
"Night" by Bill Callahan
The guys walk half naked and covered in mud. Carter sleeps in the car. Kevin walks in the forest. 1:07

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