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"Title Music" (from the Satyajit Ray film Jalsaghar (1958)) by Ustad Vilayat Khan
A taxi races through the streets of India with Bill Murray in the back. It reaches the train station and Bill Murray races to catch up with it. Peter runs past him. 0:00
"This Time Tomorrow" by The Kinks
Peter runs for the train as it pulls away from the station. He gets on the back and watches Bill Murray fall short. He walks through the carriages. He enters his cabin and sees Jack sleeping by the window. 0:01
"Title Music" (from the Satyajit Ray film Teen Kanya (1961)) by Satyajit Ray
Peter tells Jack to wake up in the cabin and Jack smiles at him. Francis enters with drinks and greets Peter. The ticket inspector calls and they are given drinks. 0:03
"Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)" by Peter Sarstedt
In the cabin Jack puts the song on his iPod as he sits with Rita. Rita leaves and Peter tells them the snake has escaped. They tell a bloke and he captures it and puts it in a pot. They are told they will be kicked off at the next stop but Francis tries to reason with him. 0:29
"Strangers" by The Kinks
The guys walk in slow motion through the village as the funeral preparations take place dressed in their pyjamas. They get into a motorbike thing. 0:55
"Praise Him" by Udaipur Convent School Nuns
The kids and nuns sing as the guys sit near the back and join in. 1:14
"Play With Fire" by The Rolling Stones
Their mum asks (or tells) the guys what they want for breakfast in the morning. Jack turns off his iPod which stops the song. 1:15
"Play With Fire" by The Rolling Stones
Close-ups of the guys and their mother as they look at each other. Shots of the characters on the train in different compartments. Includes Natalie Portman and Bill Murray. 1:17
"Powerman" by The Kinks
The guys run to jump on the train as it pulls away from the station. They ditch their bags in order to get on in time. 1:23
"Les Champs-Elysées" by Joe Dassin
The guys go for a drink and a cigarette. Continues into end credits as the train trundles on. 1:25

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What is the song played when they camp out in the desert after being thrown off the train?Jack plays it on his iPod.
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Alexis at 03:49AM, 12th Apr 2010
Which character, or what, was Play With Fire meant to refer to? Although played with scene with the mother, I dont get it, although she was a strong character. Perhaps subtly refering to dabbling in religion....the inside of the cd shows a picture of the train conductor who took the snake, and whose girlfriend was being diddled.
He seemed to me the most potentially dangerous persona in the film.
Would appreciate your thoughts.
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Cap'n T at 04:14PM, 25th Nov 2010

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