Death Race

Music from Death Race the movie

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"Maybe Tomorrow" by Stereophonics
Jensen arrives home from work as his wife cooks dinner. They kiss until the baby cries. 0:09
"Click Clack" by Slim Thug (Feat. Pusha)
Aerial shot of the prison. Shots of the exercise yard as Hennessey, the warden, walks through. In the food hall. 0:14
"Grown Woman" by Mary J. Blige
The female navigators get off the prison bus to the cheers of the guys. Case gets into the car and introduces herself to Frank/Jensen. 0:32
"5th Set" by Spiderbait
Machine Gun Joe smashes into the side of Jensen as Jensen remembers the night when his wife was killed. Hennessey watches as Frankenstein is placed 6th. 0:47
"Grown Woman" by Mary J. Blige
Case gets out of a mustang at the scrap yard where Jensen and Machine Gun Joe work. 1:37

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