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"When The Saints Go Marching In" by the US Navy Southwest Regional Band
Played by a brass band as the ferry leaves the terminal. Kids play with a sailor. 0:03
"Don't Worry Baby" by The Beach Boys
Heard by a ferry worker on the car deck of the ferry. He investigates the sound and finds it coming from a car radio. He notices the car has no plates and then notices something in the back. 0:03
"Amazing Grace" by unknown
Sung at Claire's funeral by a lady accompanied by an accordion player. 0:42
"Holy Spirit, Come Fill This Place" by unknown
Plays on a computer monitor remembering the dead watched by an analyst. 1:23
"Don't Worry Baby" by The Beach Boys
Plays on the radio as Claire and Carlin sit in the car on the ferry. And again when Carlin puts Claire into a car to take her away from the scene. The song continues into the end credits. 1:46
"Coming Back To You" by Macy Gray
2nd song in end credits. 1:58

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