The Departed

Music from The Departed the movie

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"Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones
Opening sequence. Frank narrates. Frank takes some protection money from the cafe owner and gives some stuff to Johnny Sullivan's kid. Frank shoots 2 people. 0:01
"Minstrel Boy / Scotland The Brave" by the NYPD Emerald Society Pipes and Drums
Played by the bagpipes at the police graduation ceremony. Sullivan meets Frank in the car. /6/ 0:06
"I'm Shipping Up To Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys
Shots of prison. Title screen. Billy in prison talking about his cousin to an inmate. He knocks on an old ladies door. 0:17
"Thief's Theme" by Nas
Billy and his cousin Sean in a car driving past a police car. 0:20
"One Way Out" by The Allman Brothers Band
Mr French has words with Billy after he smashed a glass on a bloke's head in the bar. Sullivan enters the office. 0:22
"Nobody But Me" by The Human Beinz
2 guys ask a shop owner for protection money as Billy sits and has lunch. Billy beats the 2 guys up. 0:27
"Let It Loose" by The Rolling Stones
Billy talks to Frank at the bar and they talk about Mr French. Frank leads him to a back room where he is searched. Frank hurts him arm trying to find out if he's a cop. 0:31
"Sweet Dreams" by Patsy Cline
Frank talks to Mr French about trusting Billy Costigan. 0:35
"Well Well Well" by John Lennon
Dead bodies being photographed and Sullivan is investigating. He makes a call to Madolyn and then, after switching sim cards, Frank. Franks helps him solve the case. Frank talks to Billy at his home about John Lennon and tells Billy to get rid of the severed hand. 0:36
"Bang Bang" by Joe Cuba
Mr French interrogates a guy with Billy helping (or not helping). Sullivan talks to his team. Billy explains his actions to Frank and Frank gives him a phone. 0:41
"Sail On, Sailor" by The Beach Boys
Frank approaches the priests in the cafe and leaves a drawing. Frank leaves. 0:44
"Baby Blue" by Badfinger
Billy smashes a picture on a guys head and tries to get information about the FBI. He shoots him in the leg and gets the information he needs. 1:12
"Chi mi frena (Sextet, Act 2)" (from opera "Lucia Di Lammermoor") by Gaetano Donizetti
Frank and his girlfriend at the opera. Billy enters a warehouse and is greeted by Mr French. 1:23
"Comfortably Numb" by Van Morrison and The Band and Rogers Waters
Billy starts to fill in his form, corrects the spelling on another and leaves. He visits Madolyn at her home. A few minutes later they make love. 1:25
"Tweedlee Dee" by La Vern Baker
Frank in the bar covered in blood and tells Billy he can take the night off. The guys outside say he's a cop. 1:36
"Lucia di Lammermoor: Act 1: Preludio - Percorrete le spiaggie vicine" by Gaetano Donizetti
Sullivan talks to Frank on the phone about the death. Billy meets Madolyn and Sullivan checks out the evidence from the death, including a phone. 1:47
"I'm Shipping Up To Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys
Billy, Frank and Mr French in the car. Frank calls Sullivan to tell him to get rid of the tail. Sullivan tells Ellerby to drop the tail. 1:53
"Theme from Symphony No. 9 in E Minor" by Antonín Dvorák
Bagpipes during the funeral of Billy Costigan. 2:16
"Sweet Dreams" (Instrumental) by Roy Buchanan
1st song in end credits. 2:19
"The Departed Tango" by Howard Shore
2nd song in end credits. 2:23

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