The Devil Wears Prada

Music from The Devil Wears Prada the movie

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"Suddenly I See" by K.T. Tunstall
Opening scenes. Andy gets ready for the day, as do other beautiful women. She heads for her interview at Runway magazine. 0:00
"How Come" by Ray Lamontagne
Andy talks to her friends about her new job in the restaurant. 0:09
"Jump" by Madonna
Andy gets woken up by Emily on the phone telling her to get the coffees on her way into work. 0:11
"Tres Tres Chic" by Mocean Worker
Andy meets Nigel as she grabs lunch from the canteen. 0:18
"Time Will Tell" by The Good Listeners
Andy tells Nate about work and the people working there. 0:23
"Vogue" by Madonna
Andy shows Nate her new look. She heads for work her outfit changing as she goes. Miranda seems surprised as she arrives. 0:35
"I Don't Love Anyone" by Belle & Sebastian
Andy gives her friends presents from work in the bar. 0:36
"Our Remains" by Bitter:Sweet
Andy arrives at the party to meet James Holt and pick up for Miranda. He compliments her bag. 0:38
"Seven Days in Sunny June" by Jamiroquai
2nd song at the party. James orders Andy a drink and leaves. Christian Thompson introduces himself and talks to her about her writing. 0:40
"Every Angel" by The Push Stars
Nate arrives home with food to celebrate Andy quitting her job. Andy explains she hasn't quit. 0:52
"Crazy" by Alanis Morissette
Andy watches the Urban Jungle photoshoot in the park. She snaps at Nigel. 0:53
"Here I Am (Kaskade Remix)" by David Morales with Tamra Keenan
Andy arrives at the charity benefit fashion show and winks at Nigel. Emily compliments her and Andy mentions how thin Emily is. 0:58
"Beautiful" by Moby
Inside the charity benefit show. Miranda meets and greets with the help of Emily. 0:59
"Feelin' Hypnotized (Black Liquid Remix)" by DJ Colette
2nd song inside the charity benefit. Miranda meets Jacqueline Follet, editor of the magazine's French edition. 0:59
"Sleep" by Azure Ray
Andy finds out that she is to go to Paris instead of Emily. She walks the streets thinking. Nate asks if she's coming to bed soon. 1:05
"Bittersweet Faith" by Bitter:Sweet
Plays at Andy's friend's photography exhibit. Christian flirts with Andy. 1:10
"City of Blinding Lights" by U2
Andy and Miranda drive through Paris. At the fashion shows. 1:14
"Yeah Yeah Brother" by Black Grape
After the fashion shows Miranda meets designers, etc. 1:15
"Les Yeux Ouverts (Dream a Little Dream)" by The Beautiful South
Andy has dinner with Christian and defends Miranda. 1:22

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