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"Super 16" by Arlaner
Sweet Sixteen parody for Will. 0:07
"Where They At" by Sizzle C
1st song at Will's Super Sixteen party. 0:07
"Get Spaztic" by Miss Eighty 6
2nd song at the party. Dr. Phil talks to Will. 0:08
"Way U Love Me" by Miss Eighty 6
3rd song at the party. Seth and McLovin from Superbad parody. 0:10
"We Gotta Party" by JMC
Carmen Electra fights with Lisa (Kim Kardashian) in the ring. Calvin tries to curve the bullet. 0:11
"Pump Your Fist" by K Militant
Carmen Electra takes a bullet to the head at the party. 0:13
"Juney's Baby" by The Cast
Juno parody as they sing and play guitar. 0:13
"Pump Your Fist" by K Militant
Calvin dances with Lisa. Will tells Calvin that he and Amy broke up. 0:!4
"Show Me How You Do It" by King Juju
Amy arrives at the party. 0:15
"Friends Forever" by The Cast
High School Musical parody at the party. 0:15
"I Like Dem Girls" by Sizzle C
Calvin battles with the Prince. 0:37
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" by The Cast
1st song by the Chipmunks. 0:45
"Chipmunk Boogie" by The Cast
2nd song by the Chipmunks. 0:46
"Chipmunk Metal" by The Cast
3rd song by the chipmunks. 0:46
"Dating Song" by The Cast
Will starts to sing at the wedding with his guitar. Parody of the Sarah Silverman song. 1:08
"What's The Scenario" by Classic
1st song in end credits./ 1:12
"We Likes 2" by Cham Pain
2nd song in end credits.
"Doin' My Thing" by Classic
3rd song in end credits. 1:19

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