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"A Stranger on Earth" by Dinah Washington
First part of opening credits. 0:00
"Roman Guitar" by Lou Monte
Lefty argues that the Cadillac is a better car in the bar. 0:02
"(The Gang That Sang) Heart of My Heart" by Lou Monte
Lefty asks who the guy at the bar is and gets told it's Don the jeweller. 0:03
"Just Around the Corner" by Herbie Hancock
Donnie explains that the diamond is a fake. 0:06
"Dance with Me" by Peter Brown
Donnie and Lefty confront the diamond seller in the strip club. Donnie beats the guy up and takes his car keys. 0:08
"One Way or Another" by Blondie
Lefty and Donnie tow the Porsche. Lefty asks Joe to pull over. 0:10
"How Deep is Your Love" by Johnny Mathis
Donnie looks at photos of him and Lefty in the cafe with a fellow cop. 0:16
"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Jerry Vale
Donnie introduces himself to Lefty's family at Lefty's apartment. Lefty is watching the TV. 0:18
"Silver Bells" by Vic Damone
Lefty's son tells him he's going out. Lefty explains he's a junkie and talks about his life. 0:20
"Working My Way Back To You" by The Spinners
Donnie and Lefty ride across the bridge in a car. Lefty talks about the newspaper and then explains that he's been sent for. 0:29
"Love On the Rocks" by Neil Diamond
Lefty enters the bar to see Sonny and walks to the guys playing cards. Donnie enters a little later. 0:31
"Happiness" by The Pointer Sisters
3 girls perform live in the bar. Lefty sits at the bar. Song continues with the gang stealing a truck and clothes. The gang dance with girls in the bar. The police build their case. Donnie hands over his tapes. Song ends with gunshots from Sonny B. 0:36
"Don't Bring Me Down" by Jeff Lynne
Plays in the car and then in the bar. Sonny walks to Sonny Red's table and shakes hands with him. Sonny Red watches him from across the room. 0:39
"Brooklyn Girls" by Robbie Dupree
Donnie meets Dean and some other guy in a cafe and they talk about the operation. They tell Donnie to vouch for a guy. 0:40
"What You Won't Do for Love" by Bobby Caldwell
Donnie and Lefty ride in the car at night. Lefty tells Donnie he can see him siding up to Sonny Black and he should trust Sonny. Donnie talks about Florida. 0:47
"The Latin One" by El Chicano
Down in Miami at the water park. Photos taken, greyhound racing, tennis. 0:49
"Cool Jerk" by Ricardo Ray
Richie drives up in his purple sports car. 0:50
"Por Primera Vez" by Jimmy Sabater
Sonny reads the paper by the pool. Donnie talks to wife on the phone. 0:56
"Love Machine" by The Miracles
1st song on the boat. Lefty watches Sonny through the glass.
"Heart Of Glass" by Blondie
2nd song on the boat. People dance. Lefty tells Donnie he's disgusted with him and tells him to go to the stern. 1:03
"Disco Inferno" by The Trammps
Sonny, Lefty and the guys arrive at the bar. They go in and shake hands. People play casino games. 1:18
"What Goes Up..." by The Alan Parsons Project
Donnie sits in the parked car at night. He watches a car pull across the street. 1:27
"Return to Me" by Dean Martin
Plays in the bar as Lefty asks Donnie to go for a walk. 1:37
"Deep Purple" by Vic Damone
The FBI show Sonny, Lefty and the others, the pictures of Donnie as an FBI agent. He explains that Donnie was an undercover agent. 1:50

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