Do the Right Thing

Music from Do the Right Thing the movie

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"Fight the Power" by Public Enemy
Opening credits. Tina dances to the song on the street. 0:00
"Don't Shoot Me" by Take 6
Mister Señor Love Daddy talks on the radio and the song plays. Da Mayor wakes up. 0:04
"Fight the Power" by Public Enemy
Radio Raheem plays the song on his boom box about 15 times throughout the movie.
"Prove to Me" by Perri
Mister Señor Love Daddy says hello to Radio Raheem. Da Mayor tries to buy beer in the Korean shop and argues about the stock. 0:13
"Can't Stand It" by Steel Pulse
Tina dips her face in some icy water to cool off. Someone has a cold shower. Some guys drink some cold beers and some guy opens the water main. Everyone has fun in the street with the water. 0:24
"Feel So Good" by Perri
Mookie delivers a pizza to Tina and they kiss and talk. He sits her down on the bed and the argue about cursing.
"My Fantasy" by Teddy Riley (Feat. Guy)
Buggin' Out cleans his trainers with a brush and Mookie and his sister talk to him. He tells them about his boycott of Sal's place. 1:01
"Hard to Say" by Lori Perry and Gerald Alston
Radio Raheem tries to buy batteries and Da Mayor buys some roses from the Korean shop. 1:05
"Why Don't We Try" by Keith John
Mister Señor Love Daddy slows it down. Mookie rubs an ice cube over Tina. 1:18
"Never Explain Love" by Al Jarreau
End credits. 1:49

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