Dude, Where's My Car?

Music from Dude, Where's My Car? the movie

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"Listen to the Music" by Dangerman
Opening titles.
"We Luv U" by Grand Theft Audio
Jesse wakes up and stumbles into the living room, where Chester is already watching TV.
"Authenticity" by Harvey Danger
Mr. Pizzacoli arrives and the guys are forced to hide the pizzas they didn't deliver.
"It Could Be You" by Blur
Jesse tells Chester of their plans for the day that lead to getting "special treats."
"Voodoo Lady" by Ween
Jackyl starts tripping when he sees the windchimes. Jesse, Chester and Nelson swing by Chinese Foooood.
"You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate
Jesse and Chester spot Christie Boner from across the street. She waves and comes over.
"Claire Danes Poster" by Size 14
Jesse and Chester go to the Kitty Kat Club after Chester finds a matchbook in his pocket with their logo on it.
"Sorry About Your Luck" by Spy
The bartender at the Kitty Kat Club asks how Jesse and Chester are doing. Tania comes over and offers Jesse another "slippery wet lap dance."
"Let It Ride" by Spy
Chester asks if he got any special lap dance. The strippers turn their dry t-shirts into wet ones.
"Here We Go" by the Freestylers
Chester breakdances with the strippers but Jesse drags him out of the club.
"So Cal Loco (Party Like a Rock Star)" by Sprung Monkey
Jesse and Chester exit their respective dressing rooms looking fly in matching Adidas jumpsuits.
"Bust a Move" by Young MC
Jesse and Chester kick it with the ladies and play blackjack with the fellas at a pool party as if they were in a rap video.
"Little Things" by Good Charlotte
The boys roll up next to Fabio in their car and compete in coolness.
"I'm Afraid of Britney Spears" by LiveonRelease
Plays in the background at Mr. Pizzacoli's. Christy leaves Tommy for Jesse and Chester. The five hot alien chicks approach Tommy to help find the continuum transfunctioner.
"Playmate of the Year" by Zebrahead
Jesse tells the two weird Germans guys, "screw the universe." The boys get back home to relax and Wanda and Wilma show up unexpectedly to tell them they're sucky boyfriends.
"American Psycho" by Treble Charger
Jesse and Chester go to the impound to get their car.
"Stoopid Ass" by Grand Theft Audio
The boys tell the weird Germans where the continuum transfunctioner might be. They stop at a stop sign and the creepy space nerds pull up next to them. Jeff proceeds to zap them after popping up from Jesse and Chester's backseat.
"Canon" written by Pachelbel, arranged by Lee Ashley
Chester, knocked out by Jeff's taser, imagines receiving the pleasure from one of the hot alien chicks. He lies back and smokes a pipe in a room with many books and fancy paintings.
"Bubble Bunch" by Jimmy Spicer
Jesse and Chester, disguised as members of the cult, follow the others guys to the meeting with Zoltan.
"Bakhuphuka Izwe Lonke" by Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Chester is unconscious yet again and has a similar fantasy except the hot alien chick turns into the ostrich that knocked him out.
"What I Believe" by Sum 41
The guys arrive the Captain Stu's to find their locker.
"Lighting the Way" by Superdrag
Jesse and Chester check out what else is in their locker.
"Lunatic" by SILT
Chester thinks he's getting a hold of the Rubik's cube. Jesse beats a little girl at air hockey.
"We Luv U" by Grand Theft Audio
Jesse wakes up and stumbles into the living room, where Chester is already watching TV.
"Listen to the Music" by Dangerman
Outtakes, end credits song #1.
"So Cal Loco (Party Like a Rock Star)" by Sprung Monkey
End credits song #2.

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