Edward Scissorhands

Music from Edward Scissorhands the movie

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"Introduction (Titles)" by Danny Elfman
Opening credits. Instrumental. 0:00
"Storytime" by Danny Elfman
An old woman talks to her granddaughter in bed. She starts telling a story. Instrumental. 0:02
"Delilah" by Tom Jones
Joyce has a plumber round her house fixing the dishwasher. She flirts with him until the doorbell rings and it's Peg. 0:06
"Ballet De Suburbia (Suite)" by Danny Elfman
All the cars/people leave home at the same time on their way to work. Instrumental. 0:25
"Blue Hawaii"
Garden party. Edward talks to Joyce and is fed by the ladies. 0:34
"It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones
Joyce squeezes some lemons while Edward chops her bush into a pair of swans. She offers him some lemonade but he throws up. 0:42
"Edwardo The Barber" by Danny Elfman
Edward cuts Joyce's dogs hair and then starts on the women. Instrumental. 0:47
"With These Hands" by Tom Jones
Joyce turns on the radio and takes off her jacket in the empty salon. She models some new smocks. Joyce climbs on Edward until they fall backwards. 0:55
"Ice Dance" by Danny Elfman
Edward carves an ice statue and Kim dances in the ice that falls. Instrumental. 1:12

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