Everything Is Illuminated

Music from Everything Is Illuminated the movie

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"Ya-takoy" by The Con Artists (Feat. Pete Miser)
Alex in the club dancing. 0:12
"Amari Szi, Amari" by Csokolom
Jonathan (Elijah Wood) is picked up in the car from the airport. 0:22
"Zvezda Rok-n-rolla" by Leningrad
After discussing whether Michael Jackson is a jew they drive in the car. Jonathan tells Alex that he's a collector. 0:23
"Hello, Hello" by Arkadi Severny
Jonathan asks if they're close. Grandad gets angry but Alex changes the translation. 0:25
"Malen'kiy Mal'chik" by Leningrad
Jonathan is brought a potato on a plate. Instrumental. 0:28
"Dikiy Muzhchina" by Leningrad
Driving in the car. Soviet independence. A fairground. 0:36
"Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello
End credits. 1:37

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