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"Blanco" by Pitbull (Feat. Pharrell)
Opening title. People dancing and having fun at a car cruise. Dom (Vin Diesel) talks with his friends and they split the money. 0:07
"Los Dias Pasan Mal" by Def Con Dos
Brian (Paul Walker) chases a latino guy across rooftops and then at street level. He chases him into a building and final tackles him onto a car. 0:11
"Boom Boom" by A.B. Quintanilla III y Los Kumbia Kings
Dom works under a car until a kid shouts that he has a phonecall. 0:14
"Raising Hell" by Run D.M.C.
Dom interrogates a guy working underneath a car in a garage. He doesn't help so Dom grabs him and almost drops an engine on his head. 0:24
"Street Code" by Enmicasa (Feat. B Real and Zed)
Brian arrives at the car race in his new car. He meets Dwight and sees Dom arrive. 0:32
"You Slip, She Grip" by Pitbull and Tego Calderon
Brian and Dom meet Ramon, Braga's liaison who is hitting golf balls onto the range. 0:34
"Clown Posse" by Robert Anthony Navarro
Plays in Dwight's apartment as he entertains some girls. Meanwhile, FBI agents surround his place. 0:43
"Krazy" by Pitbull (Feat. Lil John)
Car cruise. Pretty girls and flash cars. 0:44
"Virtual Diva" by Don Omar
Dom arrives at the club and sees Brian playing pool. Dom orders a Corona at the bar as Brian stops to talks. Ramon arrives and invites them over. 0:44
"Ride" by Acafool
2nd song in the club. Brian, Dom and Ramon talk about prison and he finds out that Brian and Dom know each other. 0:45
"Muevela" by Angel & Khriz
3rd song at the club. Brian leaves Dom with the girls and watches Ramon go upstairs. He waits for the guards to leave and goes upstairs himself. 0:47
"Bandoleros" by Don Omar (Feat. Tego Calderon)
Brian, Dom and Mia eat dinner together. Mia gets angry when Dom starts eating without saying grace. Dom says grace. 1:05
"Volvere" by Mala Rodriquez
Dom calls Gisele. She passes the phone to Campos and Dom asks about a trade. Ramon asks what he wants for the drugs. 1:10
"Blanco" by Pitbull (Feat. Pharrell)
1st song in end credits. 1:35
"Bang" by Rye Rye (Feat. M.I.A.)
2nd song in end credits. 1:37

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i wanted raising hell with no singing but cud not find it
Quote matthew's comment
matthew at 05:47PM, 4th Jul 2010
what about the song when brian works on the skyline...its also the 3rd song in the credits
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mike at 06:54AM, 13th Jul 2010

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