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"Cherish" by The Association
Opening scenes. Michael drives his car through the city. He picks up some fast food and arrives at a house. 0:00
"Cherish" by The Association
Michael feeds Deidre the burgers. 0:04
"Yummy Yummy Yummy" by Montana
Michael cleans Deidre and feeds her chocolates. 0:07
"Hip Hip Hooray" by Block Angus, MC Double D, Pip Edwards & Miss Annie
Plays on the TV as Philip returns home to his girlfriend and they hug and kiss. 0:08
"Tainted Love" by Imogen Bailey
Phillip has sex with his girlfriend as Michael checks Deidre's blood pressure, etc. 0:12
"Tainted Love" by The Captain's Package
Philip and Nigel sit at their desks in the cyber crime division of the police department. 0:15
"Take U Down" by Ten 1
Michael lifts weights in darkness as Philip showers. 0:20
"Lips Like Sugar" by Novada
Philip makes love to his girlfriend as Michael pours food all over Deidre. 0:28
"Skin Deep" by Jeff Stewart
Philip wakes up to find his girlfriend gone. She's written pig on his chest. He breaks down crying. 0:30
"Tattoo" by South Normal
Philip sleeps in his car and when Nigel phones him he's woken up. 0:38
"Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Pola Dot Bikini" by The Ride Ons
Michael dances on Deidre's bed and then he bites her. 1:09
"Cherish" by The Association
Philip's new girlfriend gives him some sandwiches and he drives to the house were Deidre was held by Michael. 1:31
"I Love Life" by Cameron McLean, Mark Higgins & Andrew Higgins
End credits. 1:34

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