Fifty Dead Men Walking

Music from Fifty Dead Men Walking the movie

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"Alternative Ulster" by Stiff Little Fingers
Martin (Jim Sturgess) tries to sell stuff from a suitcase by knocking on peoples doors.
"Hit The Ground Running" by Phoenix 23
Martin runs from the police/soldiers. 0:07
"It's A Blast" by Phoenix 23
Martin has sex with Lara on a roof. Meanwhile, some guys get into a van which explodes. 0:30
"Baylon's Burning" by The Ruts
Police raid houses as Martin stashes guns. 1:05
"Hurricane" by Phoenix 23
In the pub. Interspersed with Martin's thoughts on what Sean could do with his AK-47. 1:25
"We Will Have Won" by Paul Hyde
Martin sits with Fergus (Ben Kingsley) in the car and watches his son walk with his girlfriend as the rain pours down. Back to the first scenes and Martin struggles as a woman helps him. 1:43

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