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"Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver
Plays several times throughout film: Alex and Tod take a dump in the airport bathroom; Alex remembers John Denver died in plane crash. Ms. Lewton puts the record on before she dies and says it was her mother's favorite song. Played live by a French street performer (Alessandro Juliani) in Paris at the end.
"Hundred Grand" by Pete Atherton
At the Flight 180 memorial, the kids pay their respects. A drunk Carter grabs Alex in line and tells him he's in control of his own destiny and he'll never die.
"Into the Void" by Nine Inch Nails
Plays from Carter's car stereo. He and Terri see Alex and Clear at the coffee place on the corner. He pulls a U-turn and almost hits Billy on his bike.
"All the Candles in the World" by Jane Siberry
Carter, Billy and Clear look for Alex. Billy warns Carter to be careful while driving. Clear gets out and finds Alex on the beach.
"And When I Die" by Joe 90
End credits song.

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