Final Destination 2

Music from Final Destination 2 the movie

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"Dance with Me" by The Sounds
Plays from Kimberly's car stereo. She pulls out of the driveway for Daytona and her dad notices a red spill on the ground from under the car.
"Highway to Hell" by AC/DC
Plays on the radio on Kimberly's car stereo.
"Rock 'n Roll" by The Sounds
Kimberly channelsurfs the radio stations and lands on this song.
"Jon F. Hennesey" by FT
Rory snorts cocaine in his car as Officer Burke passes. He talks to himself as if he's talking back to the policeman.
"Middle of Nowhere" by The Blank Theory
Plays from Evan's car stereo. He pulls up beside Kimberly and Kim's friends mock his smooth moves.
"Vitamin" by Incubus
Evan heats up Chinese food, not knowing a magnet has dropped inside the box. The microwave starts a fire in his house while his hand is stuck in the garbage disposal.
"I Got You" by (hed) Planet Earth
Plays in the background at Rory's apartment as he gets the news of Evan's death.

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