The Final Destination

Music from The Final Destination the movie

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"Devour" by Shinedown
Opening scenes. Cars race around the track. Hunt tells the girls that he wants to see a crash. Nick arrives with the drinks/food. 0:00
"The Final Destination" by Brian Tyler
Opening credits. X-ray shots of previous deaths in the series. Instrumental. 0:11
"How The Day Sounds" by Greg Laswell
Plays in the coffee shop 'Death by Caffeine' as the guys ask Nick about what he saw. 0:13
"Burning Bridges" by Anvil
Carter drives his tow truck drunk. The music plays on his radio. He parks outside George's (security guard) house. 0:18
2nd song in Carter's tow truck. 0:19
"Why Can't We Be Friends" by War
A horse shoe drops in Carter's truck which turns on the radio and plays this song. The truck drives off and drags Carter with it. 0:20
"The Stoop" by Little Jackie
At the golf club / pool Hunt makes love to a girl in a cabana. He leaves after he finishes. 0:39
"Sweet Music" by Garrison Hawk
Some kid squirts Hunt with water so he pushes him into the pool and takes his water gun. He inadvertently sets off the pool drainage system. 0:42
"Corona and Lime" by Shwayze
At the pool Hunt gets hit by a golf ball and his lucky coin falls into the pool. 0:47
"Make You Crazy" by Brett Dennen
The guys buy coffee / ice cream in the coffee shop. 1:14
"The Final Destination" by Brian Tyler
End credits. 1:16

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The song playing when the pool scene starts is missing from this list. It's the song playing when Hunt is walking around the pool looking at girls. The song is called "Dream to Me" performed by Perfect. I really like the song but can't find it anywhere on the web. Could anyone help me find it?
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