Music from Flicka the movie

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"4:35 A.M." by Gemma Hayes
Main titles, Katy McLaughlin leaves for home and is welcomed by her family. 0:02
"Alive" by Becky Ryan
Her father offers Katy to come with him for a ride - she gladly joins him. 0:38
"The Things We Don't" by Watertown
The family heads back from an unfortunate meeting, Rob turns up the volume of the car radio to make conversation impossible. 0:42
"Catch The Wind" by Donovan
Howard is listening to this song while Katy comes in to have a chat with him. 0:43
"Wild Horses" by Natasha Bedingfield
His new owners take Flicka away, Katy runs after the truck while it's raining. 0:48
"Weight Of The World" by Chantal Kreviazuk
Katy and her friends go for a swim in a nearby lake. 0:55
"The Fireman" by The Dancehall Doctors
Montage of the fair and its participants, before it turns out the song is performed in a nearby dancehall where Rob and Nell dance. 1:00
"Where Did I Do Right" by The Warren Brothers
The next song in the dancehall is a slow number, Rob and Nell share a romantic dance. 1:02
"Texas In 1880" by Radney Foster & Pat Green
Song heard fleetingly in the background as Katy is signed up for the rodeo by her brother. 1:04
"Rodeo Road" by Holly Williams
Katy is recovering after her accident, the song plays until she gets down the stairs. 1:25
"My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw
Played during end credits, photos of girls and their horses is shown. 1:30

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