Get Him to the Greek

Music from Get Him to the Greek the movie

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"African Child (Trapped In Me)" by Infant Sorrow
Opening scenes. Aldous Snow's (Russell Brand) music video for African Child. 0:01
"Supertight" by Jackie Q (Feat. Aldous Snow)
Jackie Q's (Rose Byrne) music video. 0:03
"Gang Of Lust" by Infant Sorrow
Newspaper and magazine headlines with Aldous back on drink and drugs. He kisses Pink and flashes Christina Aguilera. Aaron (Jonah Hill) wakes up and the song is playing on his alarm clock radio. 0:05
"Just Say Yes" by Infant Sorrow
Aaron leaves home for work. Aaron arrives at work. 0:08
"Chunga, Au Go Go, Chunga" by Orquesta Joe Cain
Jazz guys ringtone goes off in the meeting. 0:09
"Fuck Your Shit Up" by Jumbo Shrimp
Sergio (Sean "Diddy" Combs) plays the song in the meeting. 0:14
"And Ghosted Pouts" by The Mars Volta
Aaron plays the song on his phone to show his girlfriend who the Mars Volta are after she forgets. 0:14
"Inside Of You" by Infant Sorrow
Sergio watches Aldous performing on at the Greek on his flat screen TV. Aaron enters his office. 0:15
"London Calling" by The Clash
Aaron arrives in London. Shots of english gig venues. 0:21
"Another Girl, Another Planet" by The Only Ones
In Aldous' London apartment. Aldous' mother asks him about Jackie and they argue about his dad. 0:23
"Gang Of Lust" by Infant Sorrow
Instrumental. Aldous drinking with his mates as Aaron sits with them. They hit a club. 0:25
"Strict Machine" by Goldfrapp
In the club Aldous kisses a brunette girl but Aaron splits them up to persuade him to go to the airport. 0:26
"Chocolate Daddy" by Chocolate Daddy
Aaron and Aldous dance with the two girls they just met. Aaron has sex in the toilet with the blonde girl. 0:27
"Anarchy in the U.K." by Sex Pistols
The gang spill out of the club and end up singing on a fountain. Later they check into a hotel, montage. 0:28
"I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles"
This is the song they sing on the fountain. 0:28
"Blind Medicine" by Lyle Workman
Theme tune for Blind Medicine featuring Sarah Marshall. 0:32
"Personality Crisis" by New York Dolls
Aaron and Aldous arrive in New York. shots of music venues in New York. They ride in the car to the Today Show. Aaron talks to Sergio on the phone. 0:32
"The Clap" by Infant Sorrow
Aldous performs with his band on the Today Show. 0:39
"Love Today" by MIKA
Jogging in the park. 0:41
"Magnolia Soul" by Ozomatli
In the bar Aaron gets a call from Daphne and she apologises to him. 0:42
"Mama Made Me A Pimp" by Kennedy
Aaron and Aldous talk in the bar. Aaron suggests they tell his dad about the show but Aldous is reluctant. 0:43
"Heureux Tous Les Doux (Happy Together)" by Frank Alamo
After drinking absinth. Aaron and Aldous dance in the club. Outside jumping on a car. Sergio eats his own head. 0:45
"Licky (Work It Out) (Herve Radio Edit)" by Larry Tee and Princess Superstar
Aaron chats to a girl not realising his phone is connected and his girlfriend is listening. 0:46
"Cretin Hop" by Ramones
Aldous and Aaron ride in the car to the airport. Aldous asks the car to stop so he can buy a 'pretzel'. 0:50
"Stop Drop And Roll" by Foxboro Hot Tubs
Aldous and Aaron land in Los Angeles as Aldous tries to get the drugs out of Aaron. Eventually he succeeds. 0:56
"Fuck Me I'm Famous" by Dougal & Gammer
Aaron rides with the hotel man in his car to get Aldous some drugs. Aaron mentions 2 Fast 2 Furious. Later, Aaron drives the guy to hospital with stab wounds. 0:59
"Ring 'Round" by Jackie Q
Jackie Q's music video. Aldous pauses it on TV. Later Aldous unpauses it. 1:00
"Ain't That a Kick in the Head"
The rat pack perform live on stage. Aldous and Aaron arrive and Aldous points his dad out. 1:01
"Can't We Be Friends" by Pete Jolly Trio
Instrumental. Aldous, Aaron and Aldous' dad have drinks together. 1:01
"Girls On The Dance Floor" by Far East Movement (Feat. 24/8)
Aldous, Aaron and Aldous' dad in the strip club. Sergio calls Aaron. 1:03
"Deed I Do" by Sammy Davis Jr.
Sergio talks about Frank Sinatra in Aldous' hotel room. 1:04
"T'ain't What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It)" by Fun Boy Three & Bananarama
Aaron lies in bed with Destiny who tells him about her band and then asks if he can hook her up with Aldous. 1:06
"Rocks Off" by The Rolling Stones
After a little jam session together, Aldous and his dad talk about a gig in Vegas. They end up arguing. Aaron smokes the Jeffrey. 1:07
"Come On Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners
Aldous gets Aaron to stroke the furry wall as he panics after smoking the Jeffrey. Aldous' dad attacks him then pulls out a gun. Sergio fights with Aldous' dad. 1:12
"20th Century Boy" by T. Rex
Aaron and Aldous run out of the hotel in slow motion and then dive into the car to escape Sergio. 1:15
"Yeah Yeah Oi Oi" by Infant Sorrow
6 hours until the concert. They arrive at the hotel. 1:17
"Touch My Body" by Mariah Carey
Aldous puts the music on the iPod as they begin the threesome. 1:28
"Going Up" by Infant Sorrow
Aaron watches a preview of Aldous' show on the TV. 1:32
"Ghosts N Stuff" by deadmau5 (Feat. Rob Swire)
Aaron tries to stop Aldous from jumping off the hotel roof. Aldous falls into the pool. 1:33
"Going Up" by Infant Sorrow
Aldous' performs live on stage at the Greek Theatre. 1:39
"Bangers, Beans & Mash" by Infant Sorrow
Aldous' 2nd song live on stage. Aaron listens on the radio as he drives his car home. 1:41
"Little Bird" by Infant Sorrow
Instrumental. Aaron and his girlfriend take the sheets of the bed. 1:43
"Furry Walls" by Infant Sorrow
At an intimate gig Aldous performs with his band. Continues into end credits. 1:45
"Little Bird" by Infant Sorrow
2nd song in end credits. 1:47
"Yeah Yeah Oi Oi" by Infant Sorrow
3rd song in end credits. 1:51

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