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"Choir" by Malcolm Middleton
Opening scenes. Alex leaves the airport, get on a bus and wanders the streets. 0:00
"Choir" by Malcolm Middleton
Alex has fun with Taylor and his friends in a bar. They have a piggyback race through the streets. 0:04
"Throwing it Away" by My Friend The Chocolate Cake
Plays in the cafe as Alex and Taylor pull up in the van. The guys eat breakfast in the cafe. 0:07
"I Believe" by I Am Kloot
Alex drives the van and Taylor relaxes. Taylor drives and Alex thanks Taylor. 0:11
"It's All Over" by The Broken Family Band
After picking up Sophie the four head to the beach. Alex chases Sophie. Taylor takes a photo of them next to the van. 0:14
"Lovestains" by José Gonzáles
Taylor, Alex and Sophie ride in the van. Sophie listens to her iPod in the back as Alex drives. They stop to get some food. 0:17
"I Fought the Law" by The Punter Band
The band performs live as they decide to down some shots. 0:26
"Some Slender Rest" by Two Gallants
Taylor and Sophie drink in the bar as Alex enters looking for her. Taylor tells Sophie his hand was burned to get her to hold it so that Alex gets the wrong idea. 0:47
Closing scenes. Sophie drives the van crying. Continues into end credits. 1:20

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