Gone Baby Gone

Music from Gone Baby Gone the movie

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"You're Crazy" by Guns N' Roses
Kenzie and Angie question Big Dave but he's not very helpful. Kenzie sees someone he recognises and he's more forthcoming with information. Things get a little out of hand. 0:16
"Rabbit One" by Masters of Reality
Kenzie and Angie meet with Bubba to ask him about suspects. 0:24
"Fallen Angels" by Special Teamz (Feat. D Quest)
Bubba and Patrick drive to Everett and stop outside a run down house. 0:57
"No Matter What You Do" by Mojave 3
Plays inside the house where the drug addicted couple live. 0:59
"Through the Dark" by Alexi Murdoch
Patrick sits on the sofa with Amanda. Song continues into end credits. 1:48

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