The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

Music from The Goods the movie

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"God Bless America Again" by Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty
Opening scenes. Quiet at Selleck motors. Dick approaches a couple on the lot. 0:00
"Big Stupid Grin" by Set The Control
Opening credits. Title screen. Don and the guys eat breakfast in a strip club, Don (Jeremy Piven) gets a phone call. 0:02
"Pick It Up" by LP (Feat. Jose Fuego)
Party on the plane. 0:07
"Dirty Red" by The Morlocks
The guys walk in slow mo through the airport. 0:07
"Luckydutch" by Radio Moscow
In the strip club in the DJ tells us that Vanessa is dead. Don and Brent (David Koechner) talk about the job whilst getting lap dances. 0:16
"Hades" by James Poyser & Bink!
Babs and Jibby (Ving Rhames) talk about making love. 0:17
"Eagle Style" by Set The Control
Jibby has the idea of hiring the strippers for the sale and Don tells them to book the DJ. 0:18
"It Ain't Easy" by Ving Rhames
Jibby sings as Babs tells her story to the workers at Selleck motors. 0:20
"Straight Ahead" by The Exploders
1st day of the sale. 1 hour till opening. Everyone gets ready. Don flips a 6 to a 9 on the price. Don talks to the strippers. 0:25
"Deez Tits" by Dem Naughty Boyz
After Brent asks for some Charlie Daniels, DJ Request plays this song instead. 0:27
"Sooo Sweet" by Set The Control
Don compliments Ivy on her "balloons" and talks to her about Paxton. 0:28
"Vehicle" by The Ides Of March
The customers enter the lot on the first day. Cars are sold and the bell rung. Don talks to a little girl to get her to stop crying. 0:30
"I Swear" by All 4 One
Paxton pulls up in a Mercedes with his father outside Selleck motors. 0:38
"More Than Words" by Extreme
Karaoke. Zooha and Dang perform on stage. Don argues with his friends in the bar. 0:42
"Turn The Page" by Bob Seger
Don performs on stage at karaoke. Babs flirts with Peter. 0:43
"Amazing Grace"
Bagpipes play the tune as people bring gifts and flowers as they think Ben is dying. 0:46
"Old Time Rock & Roll" by Bob Seger
After Eric Bice doesn't turn up Don sings on stage but the crowd goes mental. 0:50
"Wild Thing" by X
The crowd riots at Selleck motors and the police arrive to calm things down. 0:51
"Doin' It" by Big Ups
Paxton, with Big Ups practice at Harding Imports. 0:52
"Aire Of A Good Feeling" by The Ides Of March
Back in business after the riot. Bell ringing. Heather talks to Jibby in a car. 0:54
"Miles Away" by Tim Garland (Feeat. Gerard Presencer)
DJ Reuest plays some slow music at night after everyone has left. Don tells him to shut it down. 1:01
"Bald Medusa" by The Ides of March
Instead of shutting it down, DJ Request plays this song loud until the power is turned off. 1:01
"Don't Think Twice" by Billy Paul
Don lies on his bed in the motel until there's a knock at the door. It's Ivy. 1:02
"Lets Make A Baby" by Jason Joseph and The RavTones
Heather and Jibby 'make love'. 1:03
"Give It To Me" by The DeeKompressors
Heather and Jibby have sex. Don and Ivy have sex. 1:04
"Fox On The Run" by Sweet
At the lot cars get sold again, bell ringing. Don gets on a plane. Don jumps out the plane. 1:12
"Country Life" by The Silver Seas
Don celebrates with the team as Big Ups try to get the bandit car down. 1:19
"Dead Puppies Aren't Much Fun" by .38 Special
Don asks the DJ for We Are Family by Sister Sledge and he plays this instead. 1:21
"Caught Up In You" by .38 Special
After complaints, DJ Request plays this song and Don kisses Ivy. Continues as we find out what the characters did later. 1:21
"The Goods" by Mark Campbell and the Work Release Crew
1st song in end credits after the previous song. 1:23
"Doin' It" by Big Ups
2nd song in end credits. 1:26
"Lets Make A Baby" by Jason Joseph and The RavTones
3rd song in end credits. 1:27

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the sound that plays when people are at the gates, before sales begin
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