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Music from A Good Year the movie

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"Breezin' Along with the Breeze" by Josephine Baker
Opening scenes. A young Max sits outside with a chess set. He and his Uncle Harry have a glass of wine. Harry talks about wine, blue suits and making wine. 0:00
"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" Traditional
Max's staff sing in the office. 0:06
"Moi... Lolita" by Alizée
Max sees his rental car for the first time. Plays on the radio as he tries to navigate out of the car park. He gets laughed at by cyclists. He calls Gemma from the car. 0:13
"How Can I Be Sure of You" by Harry Nilsson
Max explores the property and sees the table where he used to play chess as a child. He stands on the diving board and remembers tennis matches with his uncle. 0:17
"Sur Les Chemins..." by Makali
Fanny listens to the song in her car as she sees the Smart car that nearly ran her over. 0:31
"A Room With a View" by Noel Coward & Orchestra
Max relaxes at night in the house. He moves the lavender from the window sill. 0:36
"Gotta Get Up" by Harry Nilsson
Max decides on something to wear from the wardrobe. 0:37
"Hey Joe" by Johnny Hallyday
A record plays as Max reads, drinks and smokes. Duflot cleans the swimming pool with his father. Max throws stuff out the window and hits Francis. 0:41
"Never Ending Song of Love" by Delaney & Bonnie
A young Max plays his uncle at cricket in the hallway. Max recreates it. 0:42
"Jump into the Fire" by Harry Nilsson
Max and Duflot play tennis. 0:50
"2 Arabesques: No. 1 Andantino con Moto" by Claude Debussy
After the tennis match Max sees Ludivine lighting candles downstairs and slides down. 0:52
"Vous, qui passez sans me voir" by Jean Sablon
Plays in Fanny's restaurant as it seems very busy. Max arrives at the restaurant. Fanny works as Max talks to her. 0:57
"La Puissance" by Rohff
Plays briefly in the kitchen at the restaurant Fanny works at. 0:57
"Les Ex" by Camille
Max waits for some rude Americans and then ejects them. 0:59
"Il Faut Du Temps Au Temps..." by Makali
Max watches Fanny at the bar through a window. She gives him his tips and fires him. They talk. 0:59
"The Wedding Samba" by Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra
A record plays as Max writes. Ludivine dances as she cleans. 1:02
"Old Cape Cod" by Patti Page
Max watches a building light up. Francis greets him and they go inside. Ludivine is cooking. 1:06
"Boum" by Adrien Chevalier
Max and Fanny have dinner at an outdoor theatre. The music ends when the rain starts. 1:27
"The Wedding Samba" by Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra
A young Max watches a young girl as she dives into the pool. She swims across and kisses him. 1:42
"Itsy Bitsy Petit Bikini" by Richard Anthony
1st song in end credits. 1:51

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