Grandma's Boy

Music from Grandma's Boy the movie

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"Another Day" by The Twenty Twos
Alex drives around and calls friends to ask if he can crash at their places.
"Spinnin'" by Zion I
Alex and Dante in Dante's basement and Dante denies Alex's request to be his roommate.
"Meantime" by The Futureheads
Exterior and many interior shots of Alex's workplace Brainasium, Samantha wakes him up from sleeping at his desk.
"Dance to the Underground" by Radio 4
Jeff asks Alex if he wants to go on break with him.
"Natural Disaster" by Fischerspooner
J.P.'s slow-motion entrance in Mr. Cheezle's office.
"A Fair Resort" by CDOASS
Alex waits outside for a ride, he asks Timmy who declines because of what Alex did to Jeff's Mom.
"Never Win" by Fischerspooner
Montage - Alex does his chores: moves boxes, Bea eats house paint while Alex is on the latter, Alex finds many dead cats underneath the couch.
"Call the Cops" by Dr. Dooom
Alex goes over to Dante's for the free cable and meets Dr. Shakalu.
"Make a Jam" by U1
Bobby's song he dances to after he challenges Jeff to Dance Dance Revolution.
"Dead End" by N&S
The fast song Jeff selects in the challenge against Bobby in Dance Dance Revolution.
"Windowlicker" by Aphex Twin
Kane enters J.P.'s high-tech-looking office with a suggestion for the Eternal Death Slayer 3 game. J.P. tells Kane he didn't knock but he did and the music was too loud. He asks, "Are you afraid of it?" to which Kane responds, "No, I just don't like techno."
"Little Girl" by The Daylights
J.P. steals Kane's suggestion and enters Samantha's office without knocking.
"Hit Me Again" by Neon
Alex has gotten his grandma and her roommates to go to bed so he can beta test some of his levels on the game now. Jeff, Kane and Barry are worried Alex isn't going to show up with the levels done on time.
"Alive & Amplified" by The Mooney Suzuki
The Brainasium workers are at Tommy Burger. Jeff, Barry and Kane are messing around in the parking lot and Alex and Samantha talk by the car.
"Can I Buy U a Drink" by Kool Keith & Kutmasta Kurt
A bunch of Dante's crazy friends show up Alex's party. He explains what the effects of Frankenstein marijuana are.
"Talk Dirty to Me" by Poison
Bea sings this on a karaoke machine in the living room of the party.
"Coddler" by Peter "Peas" McEvilley
Plays in the background of J.P.'s house where he talks to himself in another voice and gets angry Samantha isn't hanging out with him.
"Night On Fire" by VHS or Beta
A stripper offers her breasts to Barry.
"Holla" by Mista Wizard & Guy Boogie
Grandma Lilly asks Jeff and Samantha if they want ice cream sandwiches (vanilla ice cream on white bread) while they're playing a game at the party.
"Anyone" by Moving Units
Barry and Grace talk in the kitchen about all the things she must have seen in her lifetime and all the men she's had, including Charlie Chaplin.
"Helicopter" by Bloc Party
The guys do Cabo Wabo shots. Dante poors the tequila and says he feels like Tom Cruise in "Cocktail."
"Headlines" by Neon Blonde
Plays faintly in the background while Jeff and Grace are upstairs in her room and look in her photo album of men she's had sex with. They kiss and fall back on the bed, implying they're going to have sex.
"Sittin' Sideways" by Paul Wall (Feat. Big Pokey)
Grandma Lilly is passed out in a chair at the party. Samantha tells Alex she wants to sing.
"Push It" by Salt 'N' Pepa
Samantha performs karaoke to this song and passes out in the middle of it.
"Can't Kick the Habit" by The Spin Doctors
Slow song that plays as Alex walks Samantha to her door at her building the morning after the party.
"Apartment 223" by Dr. Dooom
Alex smokes a joint that's a combination of many different types of marijuana and no one has ever smoked it before.
"Happy" by Fischerspooner
Grandma Lilly plays J.P. in "Demonik" to show that Alex created the game.
"STD Dance" by Ima Robot
Six months later, in Dante's basement, "Demonik" has been released and Dante has a present for Alex.
"Grandma's Boyee" by Kool Keith & Kutmasta Kurt
Hip-hop song that recaps all the events in the movie; end credits song #1.
"Another Day" by The Twenty Twos
End credits song #2.

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